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By: Health Dynamics  09-12-2011
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We don’t always consider emotions to be connected to those aches, pains, ailments, dis-eases, etc., yet their connection is more than we realize. Emotions are there! It could be that an emotional event triggered some sort of ailment in the body or that there are emotions around an ailment.

As Candice Pert points out in her book ‘The Molecules of Emotions’, the chemistry of emotion is the vehicle that the mind and the body use to communicate to each other. There is now scientific understanding of the power of our minds and our feelings to affect our health and well-being.

Emotions have the ability to have an effect on our body. For example, when we are experiencing feelings of happiness, our blood pressure and heart rate increases, our breathing changes, our immune system gets a boost. When we are experiencing feelings of anger, the effect on our system is more pronounced. Our adrenalin levels increase, our blood pressure increases, there is a heavier load on our heart and circulatory system, it upsets our digestive system by decreasing enzyme levels and stomach acid leading to gas, bloating and indigestion, our immune system is suppressed. If the emotions are not processed out of our bodies, then the lingering effects are still there. Unresolved emotions can accumulate in the body and can cause ailments on the physical, mental or emotional levels. They can be behind addictions, self-defeating behaviours, depression, unhappiness, unhealthy relationships and ineffective communication, aches and pains, insomnia, digestive disturbances, obesity, fears, aggressiveness, breathing difficulties, obsessive compulsive behaviours, panic and anxiety attacks etc….

Healthy emotions are about being conscious with them and about them, feeling them, and expressing them in a healthy way. Having healthy emotions promotes better health, performance and well-being.

Homeopathic remedies can be used to have a better relationship with emotions and to clear emotional traumas. For example, Staphysagria can be used to deal with some forms of anger and resentment, Lachesis for shame, guilt and jealousy and Natrum Muriaticum for feelings of loss and abandonment. These remedies work by calming down the intensity behind the feelings so that one can experience the feelings in a much more conscious way. It allows the individual to express the emotions more effectively, efficiently and in a healthier way. Once the previously held onto emotions are healthily expressed, the body can do any related healing and relax.

All this means is that an effective course of treatment for ailments should be to consider some aspect of healing and/or dealing with the connected emotions. The medical system of Heilkunst and the medicine of Homeopathy are excellent for achieving this result.

Keywords: Anxiety Attacks, Homeopathic Remedies, Medical System

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