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By: Health Dynamics  09-12-2011
Keywords: Panic Attacks, Medical System, Skin Issues

Each one of us has our own individual challenges that impact on our health. Physical symptoms, emotional challenges, behaviours, lifestyle imbalances, soul issues, states of mind, spiritual crisis etc. Health Dynamics’ approach and all that it encompasses, addresses all aspects of an individual and works as a guide to attaining a better state of health.

You can take charge of your healing and your health and choose how healthy you want to be!

Examples of where Health Dynamics’ approach can be considered:

Emotionally: certain feelings or emotions crop up and disrupt life. For example anger, sadness, loneliness, anxiety, waves of panic, fears, impatience, overwhelm etc…

Mentally: an inability to concentrate, feelings of depression, suicidal thoughts, learning disabilities, conflicts with self and with others, addictions, not nourishing self, sabotaging life and goals, brain is on overload, recurring dreams, phobias, panic attacks etc….

Physically: not enough energy, insomnia, skin issues (psoriasis, growths etc), body aches, allergies, asthma, organs not as healthy as they could be, going to the bathroom often, have been labeled with some sort of disease (e.g. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Crohns Disease etc), stomach aches, ear infections, persistent colds, flu, pneumonia, body aches etc……

Soul/Spiritually: feelings of lack of fulfillment life, emptiness, wanting more, wanting to increase level of consciousness.

Or ‘never been well since….’?

Along with the medical system of Heilkunst and Homeopathic Remedies, Live Blood Analysis, CoRe Bioresonance Technology, and Astrology considerations can all be incorporated into the journey to better health.

Keywords: Medical System, Panic Attacks, Skin Issues

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Looking at symptoms of the dis-ease is an important aspect as each individual’s symptom picture is unique and this gives me an understanding of what to look for in developing an appropriate treatment protocol that meets with the individual’s needs.


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The more disease energy that you have in your body, the more your behaviours and thoughts will be drawing you away from the ultimate place of health that you desire to attain. The impingement/trauma has to be a force strong enough to disturb the normal healthy rhythm of the life force of an individual for it to be considered a disease.


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The more dis-ease energy that you have in your body, the more your behaviours and thoughts will be drawing you away from the ultimate place of health that you desire to attain. Dis-ease is actually an impingement of one’s life force that disturbs the generative power, the place where we have access to amazing energy and power to create.