By: Hdp Group  09-12-2011
Keywords: Human Resources, Government Organization

Governance, Strategy and OperationsDelivering Better Results Effectively and Efficiently

When there is consistency between the strategy, structure and operations of the organization, above average levels of productivity and performance are achieved. When these key elements are in conflict the organization loses its focus, horizontal coordination is problematic, processes seem lethargic and the people performing the work are frustrated.

We are specialists in government organization and have experience dealing with the issues and challenges of public sector management. Our people have helped design, develop and establish Federal, Provincial and Territorial governance mechanisms, design new regulatory and program delivery agencies, and improve existing operations. Our clients look to us again and again to assist in tackling the key management issues of the day.


delivers strategic value to clients through consulting expertise and services in:

• Governance structures and mechanisms

• Organization and program delivery structures and major processes

• Organization and program optimization

• Common service delivery: management, methods and processes

• Capability building and sustainment

• Alternative Service Delivery

• Transition and implementation planning and management

Human Resources Management

People Management – the largest investment made by organizations

HDP has long standing experience in the workings of the Canadian federal public service, its human resources management regime and the statutes on which these activities are enabled. We’ve helped departments build capacity, improve the management and deployment of human assets and equip the organization to manage its workforce strategically.

Our specialization in the public sector and our understanding of the current trends and challenges allows us to begin our engagements already equipped with the knowledge of how client operations should work, the statutory framework that applies and the expected performance. Accordingly, we begin delivering tangible value on day one of our assignments and build from this advanced starting point to support our clients effectively through to the development of workable solutions.

Human Resources consulting expertise

• HR policy development

• Strategic and operational Human Resources Planning

• Organization reviews, design and structuring

• Workload demand and organizational capacity balancing

• HR cost containment and rationalization

• Work Force Adjustment

• Change and transition management

• Communications

Human Resources services

• Staffing

• Classification

• Personnel performance management

• Labour and staff relations

• Executive coaching

• Training and development

Integrated Management Services

Strengthen Management Capability, Increase Accountability and Improve Performance

Effective leadership and organization performance are dependent on an integrated view and approach to managing the organization and the programs it supports. We and our clients have learned through experience that business plans need to be based on a clear understanding of the organization current competencies and capacities as well as the current and short term operating posture of the organization. The budgeting and in-year reallocations of funding must be fully informed by program performance, challenges and requirement realities so that decisions result in the best use of public assets. New responsibilities and accountabilities must be fully understood in terms of costs, required expertise and current capacities before management can fully appreciate the implications of mandate extensions or expansions.


has developed integrated management solutions approaches to provide the highest assurance of success. We use state-of-the-art business analysis tools to develop an appreciation of the current and target environments and work with you to map the way ahead.


can advise and support you through:

• Strategy crafting and planning

• Integrated business and human resources planning

• Treasury Board reporting: Program Activity Architectures (PAA) and Results Based Management Accountability Frameworks (RMAF)

• Results-driven program and operational planning and performance metrics

• Modern Comptrollership and financial stewardship

• Operational business systems and process-level modelling

• Integrated Risk and Performance Management

Project Management

Reduce Risk and Meet Your Objectives

HDP is experienced in successfully delivering projects on-time and on-budget, and we can help you do the same. Across the public sector, our project managers have brought their skills to bear on the complex and unique issues that public sector managers confront in delivering value to their stakeholders.

Though our clients appreciate our record of success, we continue to seek out new and innovative ways to reduce project risk while pursuing the efficient and successful delivery of your project. With the introduction of a leading edge approach to project management HDP continues to add value to your organization.

Our Services Include: 

• Project management advice and support 

• Readiness and risk assesment of current capability and capacity for change

• Ongoing monitoring of project progress and reporting 

• Project control mechanisms and communications

Keywords: Government Organization, Human Resources