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By: Harbour Mastery  09-12-2011
Keywords: Security, Vessel Agents

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is the outgrowth of a new generation of applications solutions serving industries who need on-demand response and capability for their management and operations. The internet provides the environment for 24/7 global access to these services. Their Service Oriented Architecture provides a platform for virtually infinitely scalable solutions if they are properly crafted and have paid strict attention to the rules that such an architecture must follow. With its newest products, i-Seaports and i-Marinas Management, Harbour Mastery seeks to push the envelope of extensibility that would empower ports and marinas of all sizes to seize the global market opportunity the internet offers.

In a recent study conducted by IDC Research (Report dated 7/26/10 –

, they concluded the following:

  • The SaaS market for enterprise applications and other software will reach $40.5B in 2014 up from $13.1B in 2009 – growing at a 25.3% annual rate
  • By 2012, nearly 85% of the new software firms will offer their products based on the SaaS model
  • Manufacturing software including logistics management, transportation and warehousing is expected to be among the leading application areas fueling the growth of the SaaS market

SaaS Market Leadership

i-Seaports Management provides a total web-based, ERP, Accounting, CRM, SFA, and ECommerce enterprise solution. It provides complete command & control for managing traffic, security, communications, finance and marketing in the seaport enterprise.

i-Seaports offers multiple dashboards and portals for users that give role-based control to what they can see and do:

  • Port Administration
  • Port Operations
  • Port Finance
  • Vessel Agents
  • Security and Intelligence Monitoring
  • Pilot Associations
  • Tug Operating Companies
  • Bunkering Services
  • Private Terminal Traffic Managers

i-Marinas Management is the i-Seaports Solution engineered to the unique needs of public and private marinas. It emphasizes new services such as access control, membership card control for marina clients, client logins for online bill payments, alternative energy support for communications and marina security in anticipation of new emerging federal regulations.

Interoperable Communications

i-SeaportsTM and i-MarinasTM provide iPhoneR, Smartphone, PDAs, Notepads, NetBooks and 3G/4G Wireless Solutions

i-SeaportSecurityTM Manages your Seaport Operations and Security from anywhere anytime on your Apple iPhoneR New  technology in iPhone and other 3G/4G smart phones, PDA's, notepads, NetBooks, touch screens and wireless devices with higher resolution displays give you remote monitoring and control of your port operations from anywhere in the world.

Harbour Mastery Alliance partners provide Interoperable Communications (fire, police, medical, security, intelligence, cellular, telephone, text, video, VOIP devices of all types linked together)

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Keywords: Security, Vessel Agents