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We offer a variety of services to different sectors in our community.
Please contact us if you have any inquire or concern about currently services or potential services you are in need of.
Notice that services are non-refundable.

Private Classes: Whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, private classes are always enlightening. One-on-one classes are designed to allow you to comfortably ask questions, work at your own pace, on any particular area of yoga that you choose and with/or around any physical limitation you might have; all within a very safe space.
Cost: $75.00 (tax included) for 1 hour or $275.00 (tax included) for four 1-hour private prepaid classes.

Spanish(Nepean Studio) or French(Old Ottawa South Studio) Yoga Classes: Do you have a group of friends that prefer yoga classes in Spanish or French? Limited to group of 5 -8 students, you can contact us to arrange a time for the class (classes).
Cost: $80.00 (tax included) per group class

Yoga for Wise Age: incorporates breathing exercises, gentle but reenergising yoga poses and movement completed with meditation and relaxation techniques. Classes are designed to serve our senior community. Modifications and adjusted pace are offered to personalized your experience.
Yoga rejuvenates, alleviates and even slowly reverses some of the conditions that are common to the elderly, such as insomnia, diabetes, arthritis, excess weight, chronic pain, lung problems, anxiety and many other ailments.
Seniors also get a chance to connect physically, mentally, and spiritually with a community focused on feeling better in the world.
Take care of yourself and improve your quality of life! We will guide you from your starting point.
· A yoga mat it is recommended for the practice to divide personal space and provide cushion.
· Wear comfortable clothes that allow for movement.
· Avoid eating or eat very lightly (a fruit) before the class. Drinking water is recommended before or after practice, not during it.
· Always inform your yoga teacher and check with your doctor before practicing any kind on physical activity if you have a medical condition.
Cost: $12 (tax included) per person or $108.00 (tax included) per person for 12-weeks prepaid classes; 5 people minimum and you provide the place for class or we could arrange it in our space.

Corporate Yoga: Enjoy the benefits of breathing consciously, stretching muscles and releasing stress right in the middle of your day; while building community and bringing peace, positive energy and mindfulness to your corporate environment.
Yoga at Work is a luxury you could afford if you have a suitable, clear space in your building to accommodate at approximately 10 people.
Find a minimum of 5 co-workers up to as many as the space will allow to share your class with and then contact us to bring you a well planned and safe practice to your business door.
Classes are 1 hour.
· An effective antidote to the stress of modern-day challenges in business and in life.
· Improves morale in the workplace.
· Increases productivity and communication.
· Increases concentration.
· Decreases anxiety and tension.
· Improves efficiency.
· Reduces muscle tension and pain.
· Less sick time and absences.
· Ability to manage emotional stress.
Cost: $18 (tax included) per person or $108.00 (tax included) per person for 7-weeks prepaid classes.

Yoga Birthday Parties: $150.00 include a one hour fun and engaging class (could be in our space or yours!!)

Yoga Parties for adults (Vino and Vinyasa): Gather your friends for a fun and healthy one hour practice followed by interesting and social gathering (1 hour). Great way to introduce your friends to yoga and nice book club idea! In your home or at our space.
Cost: 6 people minimum $180.00 per group includes class and discussion.

Yoga at your School or Daycare: As a fun event to try out or in regular sessions, children enjoy the full benefits of yoga at school or daycare. Practicing along with teachers and educators creates trust, cooperation and deepens relationships. Teachers can also pick-up tools to help kids calm down or focus outside of yoga class.
Cost: $80.00 per hour or $240 for four 1 hour sessions.

Yoga for developmentally disabled children or adults (private or group).
Cost: $15.00 per person group and $80.00 for 1.5 hours private.

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Keywords: Yoga

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Happy Seed Yoga - Styles and Prices - Yoga

Relax and Renew Yoga: This class will have a focus on learning and holding gentle restorative pose while working with the breath to release stress and holding patterns we carry which interfere with our ability to relax. Yoga Basics is perfect for beginners and for those looking for a gentle practice, in a supportive and informative environment.