Greenboro Veterinary Vet Clinic - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

By: Greenboro Vet  09-12-2011
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Greenboro Veterinary Clinic is a veterinary facility dedicated to the health care of dogs and cats as companion animals.  We are accredited by the College of Veterinarians of Ontario.  We have a well-equipped surgical suite, dental equipment, x-ray facility, medical ward for hospitalized patients, laboratory, and pharmacy.  We maintain an inventory of premium quality veterinary products including therapeutic dog and cat foods, premium life stages dog and cat foods, shampoos, grooming supplies, nutritional supplements, dental supplies, flea products, training aids and more.  We have the expertise to advise you on the use of all our recommended products.  Please follow the links to learn more about a variety of topics including wellness, surgery, anesthesia, dentistry and diagnostic services.

Out of hours emergencies are referred to Alta Vista Animal Hospital (AVAH) or Ottawa Veterinary Hospital (OVH), which provide 24 hours emergency service.  As a practice we believe it is in the best interest of the patient to be seen outside of normal working hours at a facility that has veterinarians, support staff, and intensive care monitoring readily available.

Alta Vista Animal Hospital: (613) 731-6851
2616 Bank Street (south of Albion)

Ottawa Veterinary Hospital: (613) 729-6139
900 Boyd Avenue (east on Carling between Maitland and Clyde)

Emergencies during normal business hours will usually be given a priority regardless of the availability of an open appointment – this is dependant on available time and resources and is decided on a case-by-case basis.  Please call ahead to ensure there is an available veterinarian on the premises to serve your pet.

Anesthesia and Surgery

The veterinarians at Greenboro Veterinary Clinic perform several hundred anesthetic procedures every year for routine and non-routine diagnostic and surgical procedures.  All surgical procedures are performed by the clinic veterinarians with the exception of the occasional advanced surgery requiring additional expertise and specialized equipment.  We are fortunate to have a close relationship with a Board Certified Veterinary Surgeon who will perform these specialized, non-routine procedures at our facility allowing our patients to receive the same exceptional GVC health care team attention.

We are very proud of our continued commitment to provide excellent care to our patients requiring an anesthetic procedure.  Our veterinarians, technicians and supporting team members strive to achieve the best in anesthesia for our patients with a particular focus on pain management.  We are attentive to increasing our knowledge and skills by attending available continuing education seminars and reading current literature and research on anesthesia.  This life-long education process enables us to improve our technique and protocol and add new or upgraded equipment, as appropriate, to provide exceptional care for your pet.


The GVC team has a large number of diagnostic tools available.  We are able to perform numerous on-site laboratory tests including several different fecal analyses, urinalysis, cytology, and some specific blood tests.  For evaluations not performed on-site we have established relationships with external laboratories that give us access to other required diagnostic tests.

We are fully equipped to take and develop x-rays for evaluation by our veterinarians.  We are capable of performing a wide range of diagnostic services including ophthalmic (eye) evaluations, external and internal parasite screening, blood pressure evaluation, and heart rhythm (ECG) evaluations.  We have an established relationship with an internal medicine specialist who travels to GVC to perform ultrasound evaluations including echocardiograms (heart evaluations) as required.


Although many pets will allow a veterinarian to evaluate their teeth, complete oral cavity (including teeth) evaluation and teeth cleaning can only be performed on an anesthetized patient.  Proper dental care is a particular focus of the GVC team and our technicians and veterinarians are highly trained and experienced in oral care.  We routinely perform dental cleaning procedures and, where indicated, are very capable of performing dental surgery to extract diseased teeth or obtaining oral cavity tissue samples to evaluate apparent abnormalities in the mouth.

Keywords: anesthesia, Diagnostics, health care, Veterinarians, veterinary clinic, Veterinary Facility