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Custom Designs and CreationsWeather you have an idea in your head, or you simply wish to have your own custom designed and created piece of jewellery; we can help. With our years of experience, we have gained the ability to stay in touch with current trends. Our staff are able to capture your ideas and turn them into reality. Often times, customers will not have any idea of what it is that they want. In these cases, our staff are able to guide you to your destination by asking all of the important questions which will help determine your needs and turn your desires into reality. Frequently Asked QuestionsQ: Can you use old gold or materials to create new jewellery?
A: Yes. In most cases, we can melt your metal down and re-use it to create a fresh new design. In certain cases we may need to add materials, in other cases, you may have left-over material. Each situation is unique. Q: Do you provide estimates while we wait?
A: Yes. Our qualified staff will assess each project's individual requirements and provide you with an accurate price estimate while you wait. Q: Does the manufacturing take place on the premises?
A: Yes. Unlike many jewellery stores, most of the work takes place on the premises- in many cases the person you talk to is also the craftsman that carries out the work. Q: How long will it take to create a piece of jewellery?
A: Job completion may vary in length of time. Typically, repairs and modifications take between a week and 10 days. A custom creation may take as little as 2 weeks, or as long as 6 weeks. In rare cases the job may take longer, depending on the complexity of the order. We usually stipulate the time requirement before undertaking any projects. Q: Do you guarantee your work?
A: We do not provide a written guarantee on our work. Why? The simple truth is that we are very proud of what we do and stand behind our workmanship. At the end of the day, we own the product of our labour and will always endeavor to ensure your satisfaction with what you are receiving. Q: Do you appraise jewellery?
A: Yes. We perform appraisals on Thursdays. If you need an appraisal done, you can leave your jewellery on a Wednesday and collect it on a Friday. Due to the high volume of appraisals and the time taken for each one, our appraiser dedicates every Thursday to appraisals. Since each appraisal takes a certain length of time to complete, one can not expect to wait while we appraise a piece of jewellery. We will however always endeavor to expedite appraisals on request. Q: What do you specialize in?
A: You name it; we do it. With our internationally trained staff, with a collective experience of approximately 90 years, we can create, modify, adjust, re-model or repair just about anything. We are brutally honest when it comes to opinion. We will tell you if we deem something to be worth repairing. We will always give you all the options and help you decide which solution is best. As far as what we specialize in specifically? We specialize in adding to our database of satisfied, loyal clients, who will continue to recommend us to their friends and colleagues. If we can't do it, we will strive to refer you to someone who can... but mostly we can!
AppraisalsAll jewellery appraisals take place on the premises. Due to the high volume of appraisals, we do them all on a Thursday, when our appraiser dedicates the entire day to performing appraisals. If you leave an item with us, the appraisal will be ready for collection on the following Friday. Repairs and ModificationsRing Sizing:
silver, gold, platinum. Up or down. Price varies by metal type, complexity and number of sizes.Chain Repairs:
lengthen, shorten, repair clasp, replace clasp, replace jump-rings, build up or replace chain-ends, etc. Price varies by metal type, size of clasp, size of jump-rings.Ring Repairs & Modification:
shank replacement, shank straightening, soldering ring sets together, separate previously joined sets, etc.Setting Repair & Modification:
re-tipping of claws, re-setting of stones, replacement of collets, modification of settings, rebuilding of settings, tightening and securing of stones, etc.Stone Replacement:
supplying and resetting stones, re-polishing of stones, stone inlay work, re-faceting of worn stones, etc.Arthritic Solutions:
temporary ring guards, permanent internal ring guards, gold ball inserts, various hinged arthritic shanks, etc.Electro-plating:
Gold plating, rhodium plating of jewellery pieces.Re-stringing:
Pearls and beads, knotted or plain (without knots).Engraving:
Engraving inside rings, on charms and discs, hand engraving on most articles.Pendants:
Repairs and modifications to pendants and charms.Bracelets:
Replacing and refurbishment of clasps, safety chains and safety eights fitted, soldering and straightening of bangles, refinishing such items.Earrings:
Soldering of posts, installation of shepherd hooks, omega backs, lever-backs, post removal, installation of screw-backs etc.Watch & Clock repairs:
battery replacement, cleaning and overhauling, re-calibration of time-pieces, replacement of crystals, bands, etc.General repairs:
If we can't repair it- we'll tell you up front.

Keywords: appraisals, Jewellery, stones

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