Gold Cast - European Goldsmith

By: Gold Cast  09-12-2011

Gold Cast is a multiple-service jewellery company, specializing in the custom design and manufacture for trade and public.

We have a wide range of products and services geared to the jewellery manufactures, retailers and public. Take advantage of our casting service. We will cast with your precious metal (gold or silver) or we can supply it. You decide on the carat and the colour. For people with allergies to nickel we recommend white palladium gold.

You can choose one of our wax patterns or send us yours. We will then cast with your old gold or casting grain. Castings can be supplied as raw, semi-finished or polished. If you have a wax model for casting in bronze, we can do it in different colours and/or with patina finish. Or simply select one of our sculptures. They are one of the kind or limited edition. You'll find our custom mould cutting, casting and wax patterns will more than meet your requirements and win your approval.

You can restyle or restore your vintage jewellery. For knives and swords lowers we can create unique designs based on their specifications, encrusted with silver or gold accents and gems.

Our company does have a variety of different gemstone, including diamonds sapphires and rubies but we mostly specialize in amber and opals.