By: Global Interfaces  09-12-2011
Keywords: Weather, Pilot, Engine Failure

Information Programs


Nav-aids at a glance - A series of 3 navigation aids (VOR, ADF, GPS) aimed at providing a pilot with a quick, yet in-depth knowledge of the navigation systems.
Weather at a glance - A series of 3 weather-related topics (TAF, METAR, METAR-in-detail) aimed at providing pilots with valuable weather-related information.
Multi-engine at a glance - This topic covers mutlti-engine aerodynamics, including engine failure procedures, engine failure aerodynamics, flight principles, airspeeds, and factors affecting Vmc.
Aeromedical Factors at a glance - Aeromedical factors include altitude effect, carbon monoxide, illusions leading to landing errors, illusions in flight, and the "IMSAFE" personal checklist.

Keywords: Engine Failure, Pilot, Weather,