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By: Giatec Scientific  09-12-2011
Keywords: corrosion

Concrete is the most prevalent material for civil engineers since it is cheap and can easily be shaped into any structural form. However, more care is required during its production, casting and curing to avoid significant repair costs associated with durability problems that may rise due to environmental loads. Nowadays, many concrete structures which were exposed to aggressive environments suffer from durability problems. Corrosion of reinforcing steel in concrete is a well-known durability problem of reinforced concrete structures, especially concrete bridges where de-icing salts come into contact with the structures Once the corrosion starts, the concrete structure will be gradually damaged due to one, or combination, of several factors such as reduction of cross sectional area of steel, cracking and spalling of concrete cover, and the loss of bond between steel and surrounding concrete. Visual inspection of bridges by itself can not provide adequate quantitative information on the safety of structures. The evaluation of durability problems in reinforced concrete bridges requires the use of advanced non-destructive techniques in the field along with experimental tests in the laboratory. At Giatec, we offer the services that can be used for the quantitative inspection of reinforced concrete structures.

Keywords: corrosion

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