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GENBAND Difference

The GENBAND GENiUS™ platform is the industry’s leading unified IP Switching and networking platform supporting multipurpose IP solutions. GENBAND offers the majority of its product line on this leading software-centric GENiUS platform, including cloud-based and multimedia applications, local and interconnect call control, and session border control. GENiUS offers service providers an advanced, highly scalable and common platform that delivers multiple all-IP switching and networking solutions and reduces the total cost of ownership. GENiUS makes it easy for service providers to deploy and operate their networks.

The profile of the intelligent, common hardware modules of the GENiUS platform can be uniquely changed via software depending on the transient mix and scale requirements of the customer's network.

GENiUS provides the ability to mix and match applications, simple management and high scalability. The advanced platform can also host any combination of IMS ready modules, such as application server, access and media gateway control functions, and session border control or border gateway. With GENiUS, all components are studied and analyzed with the objective of reaching the six 9’s (99.9999%) mark, well beyond the classic five 9’s carrier-grade metric widely mentioned in the industry.

The platform handles complete solutions for operators in the fixed, cable and mobile markets. Examples of solutions supported by GENiUS include:

  • Local and Interconnect Network Transformation
  • Consumer Voice and Multimedia Applications
  • Business Voice and Multimedia Applications
  • Hosted Cloud-based Applications
  • IP Interconnect
  • Mobile Office
  • Mobile Data Offload

GENiUS has received several industry awards including best IP Telephony or VoIP infrastructure product in 2010 and 2011.


GENiUS is an industry-leading IP Unified Services platform for switching and networking, supporting multipurpose IP solutions and transforming global networks. With GENiUS, service providers are able to build their networks with the latest in state-of-the-art IP technology that delivers unmatched scale, flexibility and cost.

Keeping pace with subscribers’ fast moving demand for content anywhere, at any time requires being able to use industry standard components that are guaranteed to be suitable for service provider networks. GENiUS makes this practical approach a reality by combining the best ATCA hardware with innovative, high availability GENWare middleware and unified GENView management capabilities that are common across multiple applications. The platfrom supports multiple applications on common hardware modules including hosted, cloud-based applications, call control, and session border control and security. The profile of these intelligent, common hardware modules can be uniquely changed via application software depending on the transient mix and scale requirements of the customer's network.

The GENBAND GENiUS platform incorporates high-performance, high-density computing hardware and sophisticated SAF-compliant middleware, delivering the highest functionality, availability and robustness in the market.

Industry-Leading Hardware: The GENiUS IP Unified Services Platform provides robust, flexible and cost-effective ATCA hardware. GENiUS scales easily and affordably from very small to very large chassis, with options including two-slot to full ATCA chassis.

GENView World-Class Management: The GENiUS platform also incorporates the industry-leading GENView OAM to simplify operations. The GENView system features standards-based interfaces for configuration and performance management, software load and fault management, and security.

GENWare Middleware: The GENBAND GENiUS platform leverages GENWare, a robust fault-resistant middleware designed to deliver enterprise-class performance, savings and reliability. GENWare is SAF compliant and is built on a carrier-grade hardened Linux operating system with telecom-specific extensions.

This integration enables the platform to truly be greater than the sum of the parts, with the best in reliability, operational simplicity, capacity and security.

GENBAND GENiUS is being deployed as the common platform for many GENBAND products including the A2, C20, C3 and S3.

The common GENBAND GENiUS platform enables streamlined architecture and reduces acquisition, inventory and maintenance costs for service providers.¬
By utilizing open standards-based components in the common ATCA-based GENiUS platform, GENBAND is simplifying the network for service providers, partners and suppliers and laying the foundation to deliver future applications.

Keywords: Network Transformation, service providers,

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