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By: Gan Systems  09-12-2011
Keywords: Diodes, Power Switching, High Power Switching,

When applied to diodes, the GaN Systems unique island topology allows for ultra-low forward voltage diodes to be made. The performance of the GaN Systems diodes is shown below and compared with silicon (Si) and silicon carbide (SiC) alternatives. Si devices are not usually rated for use above 175°C or above 300 V. Most SiC diodes are also not rated for use above 175°C. The large forward voltage drop of SiC produces severe conduction losses at high temperatures. Si devices have problems with current balancing in parallel operation conditions because of their negative voltage-temperature characteristic. Both of these limitations are significant for high power switching applications.

Diode Product Line

GaN Systems’ Cool Switching™ high power diodes provide formerly unheard-of efficiencies, small size, no intrinsic charge storage and very low heat losses.  In terms of overall system cost, our GaN based diodes are cost competitive with silicon, while offering superior performance to silicon carbide devices!  A 6A/600V diode and an integrated 2A/600V full-bridge will be available in a demonstration kit.



  • 150 to 1,200 volt product range
  • 2 to 20 Amp versions
  • Flip chip capability
  • Multiple bonding options
  • No intrinsic charge storage
  • Fast recovery
  • 300 °C operation
  • High blocking voltage
  • Safe parallel operation


  • Switch mode power supplies
  • UPS & motor control
  • Cleantech – solar, wind & smartgrid
  • Hybrid and EV battery control & health management systems
  • Power factor correction controllers (PFC)

Keywords: Diodes, High Power Switching, Power Switching,

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This is due to the reduced switching and conduction losses of the low-voltage devices which overcompensate for the increased conduction losses caused by the higher number of series connected devices in the current path. This can easily be built using the island topology and the layout is highly efficient in terms of function per unit area, and the layout matrixes perfectly to allow a very large structure to be built.


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In addition to our own devices, we partner with other semiconductor companies to develop leading edge complementary products and in the development and manufacture of their own products. In conjunction with our layout designs we can offer process and packaging alternatives for those wishing to establish a GaN capability. To request more information on our partnering opportunities please contact our Head office or European office directly.


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We expect there will be a five times improvement over the next five years and GaN transistors will achieve specific on-resistance results better than 0.6 It is clear from both the Si and SiC results that these technologies are at or near their technology limit in the case of the simpler field effect structures.


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Integrated single chip half-bridge structures, full-bridge diode arrays, and GaNTetrode™ devices for power and RF applications are also compatible with our unique island structure. Cool Switching™ – that summarizes the benifits of our unique island based topology and products – highly efficient low-loss diodes, transistors and integrated systems.