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By: Future Path  09-12-2011

Future Path's intellectual asset management suite is appropriate for all science, technology and innovative based companies. Our value proposition is substantial and straight forward. Future Path's solution increases the valuation of corporations through better intangible asset management. 

There are three implicit requirements for innovative companies to maximize their valuation and mitigate their downside risk.

The first requirement is to be able to account for and manage the intellectual asset pool, underlying relationships, inventors, contributors, agreements and portfolios.

Nucleus provides this capability which we refer to as IAM AccountingTM. Nucleus is at least as important as any accounting system that you may have for financial purposes. Nucleus is a secure and scalable intellectual asset accounting system, with several significant attributes that make it unique across the entire, competitive, market place.

The second requirement is to create and mentor a corporate culture that is conducive to intellectual asset management. Employees need secure access to the intellectual asset pool where they can exchange ideas and hold private or publich discussions centred around existing or new assets. Awareness and recognition are key drivers to fostering and innovative culture.

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Capitalize on Your Intellectual Assets

Future Path’s Nucleus and Catalyst combine to provide a complete “easy to use” and “easy to understand” landscape of a company’s intellectual assets, the inventors/contributors, associated agreements, third party technology, and the relationship to products and services.