Capitalize on Your Intellectual Assets

By: Future Path  09-12-2011

Most technology and innovative companies under state and under manage their intangible assets. Amazingly the main focus is on the assets that are not the revenue drivers. Tangible assets have little to do as growth drivers for these companies. It is the good people of the company (human capital) and their innovation which will make the company competitive.

Future Path’s Nucleus and Catalyst combine to provide a complete “easy to use” and “easy to understand” landscape of a company’s intellectual assets, the inventors/contributors,  associated agreements, third party technology, and the relationship to products and services.

Future Path's Revalyst works in support of Intellectual Asset Management in two ways.

First , you can use Revalyst as an expert framework for due diligence around your intellectual asset portfolio. As an example, you could score or rate each of your assets in terms of their importance to competitive differentiation or value to a potential consumer. You can also use Revalyst on a review basis or perhaps on a potential merger or acquisition to evaluate a portfolio of assets in terms of value or synergy, assess agreements and risks.

Second , you can take intellectual assets defined as expertise and use Revalyst to actually capture the expertise and make it available for re-use, now and in the future.

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Nucleus is a secure and scalable intellectual asset accounting system, with several significant attributes that make it unique across the entire, competitive, market place. The first requirement is to be able to account for and manage the intellectual asset pool, underlying relationships, inventors, contributors, agreements and portfolios.