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By: Fimatcon  09-12-2011
Keywords: Metals


FiMatCon makes available to you our more than 65 years of combined product/ process development  experience in hydrometallurgy, mineral processing and nano and micron sized powder development  from laboratory to industrial scale. 

These services include consulting for

-  Process/product development,

- Solvent extraction, leaching

-  Post processing development for fine (nano to micron sized powder) materials, including but not limited to:

     -  solid-liquid separation

       -  particles coating,

      -  organic or aqueous dispersions

-  Industrial fine powder process troubleshooting,

-  Process audit and optimization

-  Specification development

We can also provide you with,

- Synthesis and characterization of ceramic powders (simple oxides, mixed oxides, nitrides, perovskites, ..) and the study of

       - Catalytic effects of different materials (oxidation catalysis) 

     - Carbon technology (forming, baking, reactivity)-Aluminum fine powder production

     - Gas sensors

     - Ceramic consolidation (mixing, compaction, sintering)

We can also assist you in implementing new processes.

We can carry out also for you the small projects that you would like a to get a quick results for.

We have in particular experiences in base metals (cobalt, nickel, copper, zinc etc), precious metals (platinum, palladium, gold, silver, ruthenium etc), oxide and hydroxide (including mixed metal hydroxides precursor for battery materials) and ceramic powder process development. 

Through our collaboration with universities we make sure that we can solve any fine material related issues before they affect you and that we can take care of your small projects for a quick result. 

Keywords: Metals