Welcome to Fair Surveys

By: Fair Surveys  09-12-2011

Here's the big mystery about surveys. You have to start right.


That's why our first service is research and consultation with our client in order to plan an effective survey. What information do you really need? What kind of research - survey or other method - will best meet your need? What will stakeholders, managers, staff and clients expect from a survey - will the survey help you to make progress or to make trouble?


Next, we design surveys - the questions, the sampling strategy, the best way to contact respondents.


Then we implement your survey. We'll run it on this web site, so you have no added administration and technology costs, and you can assure respondents that their answers are going to an independent firm of professional survey consultants. If you prefer, we can use other technologies too, such as e-mail, touch screen kiosk, telephone surveys and paper.


After that come analysis and the report. What you will see is aggregated information, so that individuals' identities are not revealed. You choose the style of report - fancy or unadorned, technical (some people hunger for Chi-squares) or plain.


We follow up with consulting services to help you put the results to good use (unless you just wanted the report to sit on a shelf). This is critical. Surveys do not solve problems by themselves. They can give you reliable, valid information to kick off a deeper diagnosis and creation of solutions and action plans.


One more service - communications. There are communications requirements throughout a survey project, from explaining the need to respondents and motivating them to participate, to stimulating the slowpokes to answer, to informing your organization about the results. We will advise you on communications and arrange for outside help if you need it.

So, which services do you require? Check all that apply!