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By: Evolve Design Solutions  09-12-2011

Information is paramount to successful design. It helps to define problems, identify opportunities, and to structure strategic objectives and design criteria for the design exploration and manufacturing implementation phases.

Our research tools and methodologies allow us to develop a market and user centered understanding of our clients business and to identify those attributes that make a product more appealing to the end user or purchasing decision maker, whether it is through functional and feature enhancements, ergonomics, aesthetics, or product colors, graphics and packaging.As a result, we have tailored our research process to be sufficiently flexible to cater to their individual business and marketing strategies. While we transform raw field data into a strategy for product innovation, the result is a product that answers the needs and preferences of the customer, while at the same time positively affecting our client's bottom line.

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Product Design Firm - Industrial Design Firm - project management

We will provide you with project progress updates at regular intervals so you will be kept informed and know the status at any time to meet your schedule and deadlines. Our clear, sound and proven methodology helps project management track milestones and progress to ensure and keep your project running smoothly, on task and on budget.


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We believe that creating great products is an accomplishment, achieved through strategic partnerships with both clients and suppliers. This collaborative process starts by looking at your vision of the project, and understanding the design challenges you face. We look at product development differently Evolve Design Solutions’ approach to product development is different.


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From quick turnaround proof-of-concept projects to sustained new innovation programs, Evolve Design Solutions engineering know-how distinguishes itself through its creativity, experience, quality and proven track record. We deliver comprehensive mechanical design services for all stages of development, complementing our clients' core strengths with our own.


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By discovering and enhancing the functional, emotional, cultural and social benefits inherent in a product, we increase the overall value to the end user. Our teams’ depth and breadth of experience fuel our approach for the design and innovation of even the most simple products. Evolve Design Solutions brings 25 years of innovation and design excellence to our clients.