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By: Eurodata  09-12-2011

In an age of increased complexity in information systems and the technologies they use, it is more important than ever to choose an organization with the resources, experience and skills to provide you with a total solution to your data processing needs.

Customer Tailored Service..
The Eurodata Philosophy
While Eurodata provides levels of service and response times which correspond to those offered by the manufacturer, one of the great advantages of dealing with us is the degree of flexibility which we are able to offer. Rather than dictate to you the level of service provided to your business, we will customize a service plan which most suitably meets your service objectives. With the right service plan for you, we are able to ensure your success by providing the best price/performance offering in the industry. 

Eurodata Support Services..
Quality Maintenance Provision
Our reputation has been solidly based on the fact that our core business is to provide the highest quality maintenance available to HP, IBM, SUN, EMC and DELL systems and components, plus many more Brand Names. Our primary focus is to help you to fully realize the potential and maximize the return on investment of your existing environment. We do this by utilizing a variety of service systems and methodologies, which we have developed in our years of experience.

So many different SLA (Service Level Agreements) to choose from:

4 hours response time, 24 x 7
4 hours response time, 8 to 9
Next-Day response time, 8 to 5, 5 days per week
Once per week, or exchange
From next-day to 1 hour, 24 x 7
On-demand, 2 days response
Disaster Recovery, Data Destruction, Rentals, Installations and moves. Additional services - flexible, affordable; custom plans.

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Eurodata - Solutions

With clients across Canada and full-service offices in 3 major locations, we continue to offer specialized services to ensure our customers keep and enjoy using their OEM brand. Consolidation of the infrastructure into a cohesive IT environment to meet the business requirements, often integrating Virtualisation and Model-based automation.