By: Estate Services  09-12-2011

Security and safety of the home

Nick's number one priority is to ensure the security and safety of the home and its contents. At this stage of the process a former RCMP officer has the necessary experience in securing the property.

Maintenance and minor repairs

Nick's team of bonded contractors and professionals work at reasonable, competitive rates to do any necessary maintenance or repairs. Services ordered by the executor or trustee are charged directly to the estate.

Tasks include anything that has to be done to prepare the home for sale including grass cutting, snow removal, minor repairs, painting and removal of perishables. A final cleaning ensures a sparkling home that shows its value to potential purchasers.

Managing and disposing of the contents of the house

Nick's team includes qualified professionals who can inventory the contents of the home, and specialists who appraise antiques, coin and stamp collections, jewelry, china, silver and fine art.

Estate Services is proud of the care they take in recycling  household items that can be reused. These items are sent to a women's shelter, community services or church group. Usable food items are sent to the food bank. Even used eyeglasses find a home.

Details related to selling the property

Nick takes special care in selecting the most suitable real estate broker to sell the property. If required, Nick has qualified professionals to appraise the home, do a house inspection and inspect a vacant property for insurance requirements.