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By: Espial  09-12-2011
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The Espial Media Service Platform is a proven and powerful head-end system that includes the following capabilities: data management and distribution for core TV services, multi-screen content workflow automation, media catalog management with browse and search capabilities, time-shift TV management, subscriber and entitlements management, cross-device usage tracking, device UX software management, cross-device banner advertising, transaction processing and personalization of services.
The Espial Media Services Platform allows carriers to cost efficiently expand their managed video services to include interactive applications and TV anywhere. With support for broadcast (satellite, cable and terrestrial), IPTV and hybrid managed services, the Espial Media Services Platform allows Managed Video Providers to incrementally expand their services without having to wait for network expansion or evolution. For TV Everywhere services, operators can leverage the Open Connect interface—they can deliver video services over-the-top, enabling TV services on anyconnected device, in the home or on the go. With the content workflow management (CWM) module, Espial Media Services Platform provides a seamless automated platform from ingestion to consumption for all managed media assets.
Espial Media Services Platform interacts with ecosystem components via web services APIs and integration adapters allowing rapid deployment and expansion as needs evolve.
Espial Media Services Platform is field proven to meet the demanding scalability and system management requirements of leading operators worldwide.

Core Media Services

  • Linear TV
  • PPV
  • Start-over TV
  • Catch-up TV
  • Pause Live TV
  • Electronic Program Guide
  • Video-on-demand
  • DVR
  • WH-DVR
  • nDVR
  • Unified Search
  • Walled-garden
  • Games and applications
  • Copy Protection
  • EAS
  • Messaging

Multi-Screen Media Storefront

  • Cloud-based catalog search and browse
  • Multi-device order fulfillment
  • Support multiple branded or themed storefronts
  • Product pricing per catalog

Open Connect Tookit for Managed Network and OTT Service Delivery

  • Supports broadcast, IPTV, OTT and hybrid configurations
  • Develop applications for iOS and Android devices
  • Support cross-device services such as place-shifting and remote DVR
  • Parental controls across all devices including multiple user ratings thresholds to control lists, searches, purchases and favorites
  • Cross-device usage tracking
  • Supports cloud-based service delivery and lifecycle management.

Products and Subscription Management

  • Support for multiple business models for on-demand and linear services
  • Create and tailor TV service packages
  • Support on-demand, subscription and bundled offerings and purchases
  • Add, modify, and delete products and subscriptions
  • Set rates on any product, bundle, or promotion
  • Support tens of thousands of on-demand asset descriptions

Multi-Screen Workflow Automation

  • Content acquisition and ingest of ADI 1.1 media asset descriptions
  • Multi-target content preparation with automated encryption, transcode and segmentation workflow
  • Meta-data proofing and editing
  • Content staging and QA
  • Workflow status tracking and problem reporting
  • OTT templates for auto generation of streaming content for multiple targets
  • Workflow auditing and management rules
  • Content Workflow Blocks for independent content auditing
  • Target advertisements by service domain and other criteria

Interactive Cross-Device Advertising

  • Display ads across all device user interfaces
  • Distribute ads efficiently via the IP multicast data carousel
  • Target advertisements by service domain and other criteria

On-Demand Asset Promotion

  • Promote on-demand assets via custom categories and special categories such as -"Coming Soon" and - "Top 10"
  • Offer on-demand content as a single product, in a group, or as a collection
  • Create one-time and recurring promotions

Wholesaling, Multiple Service Domain Support and MDU targeting

  • Tailor services to viewing area
  • Regional user-interfaces, languages, channel line-ups, on-demand content and program guide information
  • Multi-city and multi-country operators
  • Tailored content and applications for multi-dwelling units, enterprise, and hospitality customers

Linear TV Management

  • Easy-to-use channel administration and packaging
  • Create channel tier products or offer them à la carte
  • Easily add, view, modify, and delete channels through the API or the web-based GUI
  • Assign channel numbering and tier packages by service domain
  • Fine grained per event time-shift, copy protection, and DVR controls

PPV Management

  • Automatic pay-per-event creation, pricing, and presentation
  • Pay-per-time pricing and presentation
  • Custom PPV channel guides
  • Overtime handling for sports PPV events
  • Blackout management

Timeshift TV Management

  • Support for Start-Over and Catch UP TV services
  • Historical EPG & VoD portal presentation
  • Fine grained DVR & trickplay control

Subscriber and Asset Management

  • Import and manage existing customer databases through open APIs
  • Add, modify, and delete subscribers
  • Organize subscribers into groups

Multi-Language Support

  • All application information and descriptions can be localized for multiple languages

UX Optimized Data Management

  • Optimized for speed and network efficiency
  • Advanced data compression to reduce peak network and server loads, application look-up time
  • Efficient distribution via multicast for IPTV applications
  • Indexing enables rich, fast and feature rich EPG search capabilities

Keywords: Electronic Program Guide, Tv Services, web services,

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