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By: Espial  09-12-2011
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Enhance Digital Television with Interactive Web Services

Espial® BML Browser (based on WebKit) is a rendering engine software development kit designed to handle the unique characteristics of the Broadcast Markup Language (BML). Espial BML Browser's technology is built on the Espial Portability Engine and is portable across devices which allows it to support a wide range of market segments. It is an ideal platform for enabling media and information convergence in digital TV, GUIs and web browsing for your cell phone line and dynamic information feeds for your smart Internet device.

In 2003, the Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB) specified use of BML for content that enhances digital broadcast television (ISDB in Japan). BML supports including additional program related information for the viewer. The scope of this markup language is not limited to TV - there is work underway to bring this revolutionary new approach to program delivery to the mobile and smart devices industries.

Features & Benefits - The Espial BML Browser Advantage

  • Supports the ARIB STD-B24 standard including CS, BS and Digital Terrestrial profiles.
  • TV-enabled - supports dynamic resizing of content, zooming, minimum font sizing, programmable link highlighting, default background color programming, UI and form components customization.
  • Remote control navigation - true multi-dimensional navigation with unique features to ensure that content is accessible on TV only using a remote control for interaction
  • Standards compliant - in addition to BML, Evo Browser adheres to accepted internet standards such as HTML, XHTML, CSS, DOM and JavaScript.
  • Completely customizable - achieved through Evo Browser's SDK approach, navigation and functionality are completely customizable to the requirements of the design, tailoring product capabilities to the needs of the end user.
  • Scalable technology - uses a modular architecture that allows developers to easily add content support and to maximize functionality in resource constrained environments.
  • Extensible and Modular - supports a range of image formats, custom protocols and content renderers including XML, WTVML, XHTML, HTML, DVB-HTML and more. It can be integrated with no risk to the core technology.

Keywords: Internet Standards, web services,

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