Eastway Tank Pump & Meter - militaryrefuelers

By: Eastway Tank  09-12-2011

Our Products - Military Refuelers

Eastway Tank produces several different types of military refuelers for a variety of applications including;

Aircraft refueling
Front line refueling
Airport ground vehicle refueling

Support vehicle (second line) refueling

Tank capacities available range from 2,200 litres to over 52,000 litres (600 to over 14,000 USGAL). Several pumping configurations are available.

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Eastway Tank Pump & Meter - used

Eastway Tank currently has a number of used tank trucks and trailers for sale. To view these products Adobe Acrobat is required. We buy Trucks (Oil, Propane, Water) also!!. Phone Toll Free: 1-888-729-7817 x24.


Eastway Tank Pump & Meter - watertrucks

Our Bobtail trucks are built for the harsh North American Winters, and with a unique solution to corrosion problems; Deck, Fenders, Meter box, Hose Reel, and rear Crash protection all made from Stainless Steel. Quality hose, fittings and Hannay hose reels are used on all trucks, with ease of maintenance always in mind.


Eastway Tank Pump & Meter - oiltrucks

Aluminum and stainless steel tanker trucks and trailers are available in a sizes ranging from 2,200 litres to over 52,000 litres. Our Products - Oil Trucks.