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By: Earth Energy Solutions  09-12-2011
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DX Is More Reliable

DX systems have very few moving parts, operate with no flames or extremes of temperature, have no chimney, and emit no green house gasses. There is no geothermal water circulating and there are no associated water valves to corrode, freeze or break. In addition to the quiet and reliable heating of your home, you can air condition and dehumidify your home all summer long without the noise created by the outdoor fan required for conventional air conditioning systems.

DX Is More Efficient

The direct expansion principle allows the energy transference medium to come into contact with the earth through pure copper, ensuring maximum energy delivery. This efficient transfer is one of the principle reasons why DX systems get so much energy so easily. The DX system also requires no circulating pump, which saves on electricity. In addition, our “Energy Star” rated systems operate at peak efficiencies while using an absolute minimum of external power.

DX Systems Are Low Maintenance

A “DX” system has only one sealed energy transference circuit. There is no scheduled routine maintenance for this part of the system, and as far as the air handling components are concerned, you simply need to change the air filter as you would on any forced air heating system.


DX systems can be installed in relatively confined areas. Our energy transference technology uses a vertical system which requires only 3” bore-holes which are drilled down into the earth.

DX Is Easier To Budget

Systems can be quoted more accurately and easily since there is less outside subcontracting involved. Excavation and drilling costs in any given location can usually be established in advance, helping us to provide accurate costing prior to installation of your system. And once installed, say good-bye to the volatility of petroleum prices…That’s budget news anyone can appreciate.

Keywords: Air Conditioning