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By: Dymonmine  09-12-2011

At we make it easy to view sale items! Imagine.. not having to travel all over the city, showing up strangers homes only to look at sale items that aren't the same as the picture! At we take the hassle out of on-line sales.. All of our sale items are stored at one convenient location!

What is My Checklist?

When you register an account with you can create an item "Checklist" which allows you to print out a custom list of any sale items you wish to view in person. Simply create a "Checklist" and bring it with you to located at 2420 Bank St.

Present your "Checklist" to one of our store associates; you will then have the opportunity to view any of the sale items on your "Checklist" in person. If you like what you see, you can purchase the sale item on the spot using a variety of payment methods.

We offer "My Checklist" as a free - subscription based service for all of our customers who register an account on

"My Checklist" is a convenient way to view sale items in person. Register a account and start creating your "Checklist" today!