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By: Dw Product Development  09-12-2011

User Interface

How the designed product ultimately functions is very important to our clients, their customers and to us. A user-centered focus is built into everything we design.

We look at how the intuitiveness and practicality of each and every control or function affects the overall user experience. We then design accordingly to provide a simple, efficient and easy to use product.

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Successful, High Value Product Development (613) 727-3880

This analysis produces precision information allowing optimal layouts for gating locations, fill patterns and weld line placement, as well as showing pressure and temperature distribution. It addresses key process concerns up-front in preliminary design stages and offers practical advice to identify weld lines and air traps. Mold fill simulation of plastic parts is done on 3D solid models using MoldFlowâ„¢ software.


Successful, High Value Product Development (613) 727-3880 - prototyping

Links with external RP services for SLA, SLS, CNC laser cut and punched sheet metal, high-speed machining and rapid injection mold tooling allow timely CAD geometry validation. We have full FDM and CNC routing capabilities, a complete machine shop, and silicone rubber casting and painting facilities. DW is fully equipped to produce both traditional and rapid prototypes of the concepts developed within our studios.