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By: Dm Solutions  09-12-2011
Keywords: data products, Web Mapping

DMSG has been in the web mapping business for well over a decade, providing leadership in both tools and application development. DMSG products include the MapSherpa Mapping Platform and a standardized set of data products for MapServer.

MapSherpa Mapping Platform

Data Products

From detailed road network data to global terrain data to high resolutions imagery, we have a wide range of data products that work seemlessly with MapServer and OpenLayers.

Checkout our Maps 4 MapServer Product Line.

Keywords: data products, Web Mapping

Other products and services from Dm Solutions


M4MS Global - DM Solutions Group Inc

Each scale range has been designed to produce excellent maps anywhere within the range, and each has a recommended optimal scale for use in scale-constrained applications. All aspects of the cartography have been painstakingly considered, and M4MS Global represents the culmination of years of cartographic expertise at DMSG. M4MS Global includes all the necessary components to implement maps in a MapServer or OpenLayers application.


M4MS Standard - DM Solutions Group Inc

 M4MS Standard also incorporates our global-coverage product M4MS Global giving you the flexibility to display a variety of combinations of US and global coverage. The product incorporates the latest version of the US Census Bureau TIGER/Line® datasets, designed to incorporate the  TIGER’s Shapefile data structure. Upon purchase of the M4MS Standard, you will be provided with download instructions.


M4MS Premium - DM Solutions Group Inc

Optimized by DMSG and ready to use in either MapServer or OpenLayers, M4MS Premioum is ideal for real estate companies, asset tracking firms, or any other organization that requires highly precise, up-to-date web maps. The base mapping option is ideal if you simply want to generate straightforward, accurate maps  that do not require geocoding or routing.


MapServer Data and OpenLayers Maps

The key products include street network data at several levels of accuracy and functionality as well as image data. In addition we offer a global scale product that includes a topography layer. DMSG supports several delivery options and pricing models including online purchase for Maps for MapServer Standard and and M4MS Global. DMSG data products for MapServer and OpenLayers provide you with the base data for your application.