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By: Dm Solutions  09-12-2011
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Maps for MapServer Global Edition (M4MS Global) enables out of the box mapping anywhere in the world. Three distinctive maps are included to suit a wide variety of needs:

  • political boundary and highway map in the style of our M4MS Standard maps
  • terrain map with bathymetry
  • hybrid map combining all map layers

Immediate and Real Benefits

  • Save time and effort by eliminating the need for data download, conversion, indexing and mapfile authoring.
  • Cost effective when compared to other commercial data products
  • Optimized for map quality and rendering speed
  • Suitable for mapping at scales from state or province level to worldwide
  • Significantly more compact than the raw source data files

What’s in the Package?

M4MS Global includes all the necessary components to implement maps in a MapServer or OpenLayers application. The package includes:

  • Optimized data based on a number of sources
  • Spatial index files for improved map rendering by MapServer
  • Three MapServer map files compatible with the latest MapServer release
  • All supporting files for the map file including markers, symbols and fonts
  • Complete documentation for all data layers
  • A basic map viewer to view the maps

Data Specifications

  • M4MS Global contains data for all areas and all countries of the world.
  • Data layers included: bathymetry, elevation, world landmass layers with labels, ocean and sea labels, urban areas, inland water, rivers, streams and canals, borders, major roadways, railroads, major cities, national capitals.
  • All data classes not needed for display purposes have been removed to improve performance.
  • Map data are distributed in shapefile format, indexed for optimal use with MapServer
  • The map data are offered in the same projection as the source data: unprojected geographic, WGS 84


M4MS Global has been carefully designed to provide online maps that are attractive and legible for views ranging from city, state, country or the entire world. The product incorporates an innovative scale-based system with 9 ranges, each of which has unique cartographic qualities to maximize both aesthetics and utility. Each scale range has been designed to produce excellent maps anywhere within the range, and each has a recommended optimal scale for use in scale-constrained applications.

All aspects of the cartography have been painstakingly considered, and M4MS Global represents the culmination of years of cartographic expertise at DMSG. Casement style highways add a contemporary look, crisp, distinctive colors please the eye, and well-placed labeling creates an attractive and informative map.

M4MS Global Pricing

Description Price USD
Maps For MapServer Global $2950

Contact us for details about corporate site licenses or OEM licensing arrangements.


For more information please contact us at:

phone: 613.565.5056

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

Keywords: cartography, data products, Map, Mapping, online maps, Scale

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