Automatic Lane Balancing

By: Dipix  09-12-2011


  Automatic Lane Balancing

The AutoLaner is a series of PLC-controlled lanes that divides a random stream of buns equally into multiple lanes (typically 4 or 6). It is normally installed immediately before the slicer/indexer, and simply replaces a section of existing conveyor.

The AutoLaner is designed to be installed downstream from the

- 100% Inspection System. The combination of these two units provides customers with an unbeatable continuous stream of inspected and evenly laned buns.


 Key Benefits

  • Handles 4" buns up to a rate of 1000 buns/minute (6 lanes); 700 buns/minute (4 lane)
  • Eliminates the need for manual laning normally required in packaging
  • Automatically feeds an equal number of product to each lane
  • Ensures constant, monitored and regulated flow into packaging equipment
  • Reduces product handling
  • Adjustable and removable lanes allow non-circular products (e.g., Coney's) and cluster buns to be run in a non-laned mode

 Available Systems

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Service & Support - Support Services

The challenge most owners of this type of equipment face is that their staff do not have the necessary skills to ensure 'trouble free operation' and rarely have the time to learn those skills as in all cases, they have other equally important tasks that must be carried out every day.


Service & Support - Training

We offer a variety of training courses that take users and operators from the most basic to the most advanced levels.


Service & Support

Our highly-skilled team of service and support engineers have extensive troubleshooting skills in bakery and plant installations. We also offer several comprehensive training programs that can be held at our corporate offices in Ottawa or at your site.


Inspection Systems

All Montrose inspection systems are turn-key and can be easily inserted into production lines in order to continuously measure critical size, shape and color measurements of fast moving objects. The ALL NEW line of MT-XX systems takes 'ease of installation' and 'cost effectiveness' to an entirely new level. Over 200 automatic inspections systems are installed world wide in just about every type of baking facility.


System Options

Montrose is committed to providing our customers with the best solutions available and can customize any of our wide range of systems to address specific needs. Bottom color information from the BCIS can be used to reject individual objects in the same manner as all other measurements. Where plant-floor conditions required a NEMA4X rating, Montrose can provide system enclosures that meet this washdown rating.