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By: Dc Canada  09-12-2011
Keywords: English Language

New Readers - a wide world of reading is an English language reading series designed for students in elementary, junior high and high school. This series helps students to solidify the essentials of reading and speaking English. This nine book series has high educational content that is interesting, informative and motivational.

Each book contains 15 high-interest, controlled vocabulary stories and articles. Each article is followed by a balanced and structured series of activities in five categories covering the essentials of language development.

Skills are built gradually and sequentially in a style that ensures success. Topics are introduced in a variety of styles, ranging from personal experience, newspaper and magazine format, historical overview, and fictional accounts. This variety ensures maximum interest on the part of the students and provides for many extension activities.

The articles can be read, understood, and taught at a variety of levels. The activities provide a structured and well-designed pathway for student success. Parents will find these books invaluable as aids to give their children a leg up in their English studies.

Keywords: English Language

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DC Canada, Hebei People’s Publishing House, The National Teaching Research Institute of China, and GTK press collaborated on the development of the Science series. The series promotes a hands-on approach to learning about science and technology through a series of investigations. The Science series was created by a team of Chinese experts in accordance with the Chinese National Curriculum.


learning english

Starting in 1998, DC Canada has been collaborating with the Hebei Education Press, and Duval House Publishing, University of Alberta, to develop Learning English as English textbooks for China. The Learning English Program was reviewed and approved by the Ministry of Education of China, and has been listed in China as a textbook series for elementary through high school classes.