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By: Dawn Of A New Day  09-12-2011
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The following is a detailed list of products available for purchase in the salon. Check back often as we are always bringing in new products.

Nature’s Specialties Products

  • FOR SUMMER! Smelly Pet deodorizing shampoo – great for pets after a trip up to the lake or to freshen your pet up after a peroxide treatment to remove a skunk spraying.
  • Hypo “Aloe” Genic Shampoo – for pets with sensitive skin.
  • Bluing Shampoo with optical brighteners – for white coats to brighten and whiten.
  • Dirty Dog High Concentrate Shampoo – the most used shampoo in the salon that leaves your dog squeaky clean.
  • Premium Shampoo Concentrate with Aloe - great for dogs with long, silky coats.
  • Concentrate Shampoo with Aloe - use on dogs with harsh, wirey coats like terriers.
  • Waterless Spray Shampoo
  • Quicker Slicker – Conditioning Spray
  • Protein Hoof Cream – Deep Penetrating for the Competition Horses.
  • Simply Plum Cologne
  • B Cologne
  • Sweet and Sassy Cologne


Oster Products

Earthbath Products 

  • Eye Wipes - To remove stains and safely cleanse eye area.

  • Ear Wipes - To prevent build-up and get rid of odors.

Groomingat Home

  • Gripsoft Slicker Brush - For dogs with all types of coats, easy to maneuver and comfortable to hold.

  • Gripsoft Nail Clipper - With built-in cutting guard to help prevent cutting nails too short.

  • R-7 Ear Cleaner - To prevent ear problems by getting rid of excess moisture.

  • R.Rover Grooming Tools Brushes - Cushioned Handles and durable wood frames.
  • Groomaster Combination Comb - Fantastic for dematting.

  • Groomaster Stripping Knife - For hand stripping to enhance coat texture.

  • Master Grooming Tools Ultimate Coarse Comb

  • DVL Blood Stop Powder - for minor cuts and a precaution for cutting nails.

  • Cat and Bird Claw Clippers

  • NEW! Eye Envy Tear and Stain Remover Kit for Dogs and Cats – To safely and effectively remove stains and buildup. For more information, visit:  
  • NEW! Naturals For Green Gormming Pet Cologne in Green Tea and Ginger - safe for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.

Odor Removers

  • Nature’s Miracle Stain and Odor remover – Fantastic for pet stains on carpet, bedding and fabrics.

  • Nok Out – Safe to use directly on your pet’s coat to eliminate odors while they dry. For more information on Nok Out, visit:  

Toothbrushing and Breath Control

  • Triple Pet Oral Care – Easy to use toothbrushes and all-natural toothpastes. Available for purchase separately or together. For more information on Triple Pet Oral Care, visit:
  • Slurp N’ Fresh – A uniquely formulated breath freshener for dogs and cats which helps to eliminate odor causing compounds and reduce plaque and tarter.

For Dogs (and Owners) Who Love the Outdoors

  • Timberwolf Leashes, Collars and Harnesses - Handcrafted using high-quality, double-braided rope and, depending on style, their exclusive rubber grip comfort handles. We sell them in a large selection of colours and styles. Visit:
  • Herm.Sprenger Ultra Training Collars - effective training device, adjustable. We would be happy to show you how to use this collar to achieve the best results. We also sell extra links for these collars.
  • Dog Pawz Semi-disposable dog booties – reusable, waterproof, bends with the paw, and guaranteed to stay on. We carry all sizes to fit the smallest paw to the largest paw.
  • RC Pet Coats - Come in a variety of patterns and colours, are durable and fleece-lined for extra warmth. Don't see something you like in store? We can always order in a coat better suited to your pet.
  • RC Metro Slickers: great rains jackets made with a rip-stop interior lining and a PVC coated nylon outer shell.
  • FOR SUMMER! Nature’s Balance Care Hot Spot Treatment – This full kit contains different solutions to stop all hot spot symptoms and repel fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. For more information, visit:
  • FOR SUMMER! Best Shot – All natural bug spray for you and your pet. Visit:
  • Yaktrax walkers – slip on to your shoes for extra traction. Great for icy, winter sidewalks and hiking. Visit:
  • Chillydogs Winter Apparel and Rain Slickers – Visit:
  • Ecosafe Biodegradable Doggie Litter Bags – in packages of 50 or 120.
  • NEW! Invisible Boot – 100% natural, protective barrier to shield your dog’s pads from cold, salt and ice. Made with beeswax, tea tree oil, soybean oil and cottonseed oil.


Kuranda Aluminum Raised Dog Beds

  • Durable, chew-proof, and comfortable with a washable bed fleece.Given “2 Paws Up” by the all the dogs in the shop.For more on these great beds, visit:

For Your Feline Family Members:

  • Zanies Cat Toys - Cat Ball Multi Pack; Toys that rattle, bell, crinkle and shake. Made from top quality, durable materials.
  • Zanies Meow Majic Catnip - A safe natural formula that is great for sprinkling on scratching posts, cat furniture, and beds. Great for homemade or refillable catnip toys.

Jellybean Indoor/Outdoor Mats

  • Durable, machine washable and colours that won't fade. We have a large selection of different patterns and colours perfect for pet owners.
  • Proven Benefits of Fish Oils with Omega 3 include: dry skin relief, promotes skin and coat health, anti-inflammitory, improves muscle mass, promotes heart health, decreases shedding, helps with hairballs, improves mood, immune system health booster, and aids in renal function.
  • Sold in refillable brushed aluminum bottles with epoxy coating and pump dispenser. Economical in store refills are available.


Spotless Paw . Dog paw cleaning glove...cleans dirty dog paws before they track mud and water into your home or car. Its made with microfiber fabric that attracts dirt like a magnet. Six fingered glove can be worn on either hand on either side. Conveniently hangs on the door handle. Machine washable.

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