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By: Datametrix  09-12-2011

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Accessible SaaS products powered by Web2.0.

Based on the revolutionary accessibility and toolsets from Floormax Enterprise, our Flagship MAX Retail Suite product, HRMAX is the result of a multi-year collaboration with our geeks and Canadian Tire Associate Dealer Mr. Alex Joannides.

Constantly updated as a direct result of the feedback from dozens of Dealers, GMs and Human Resource Managers at Canadian Tire stores, HRMAX facilitates better communications and operations management at any size store within the Canadian Tire Network.

HRMAX keeps track of Holes, Missing Labels, Tag Integrity, Deal Home and Deal Signage. It tallies sales, footsteps, avg. basket and rainchecks and compares year over year. It controls memos, documents, newsletters, special events blogs, intra-store communications, incident reports, and access to commonly used portals at CTC.

HRMAX is truly designed


Dealers, designed



If you operate a Flooring Business, you know the dire need for modern software built for the on-demand era. Marc Prieur, Manager of Orleans Carpet, came to us with a question:

"Can you build it better?"

Not satisfied with the antiquated keyboard-driven interfaces of the usual suspects that costs tens of thousands of dollars to purchase and even more to install and support, Mr. Prieur wanted to test the waters of an untapped market: Web Based Flooring Management.

With the EDI standard for the Flooring Business in chaos, we built from scratch an Enterprise Application hosted in our Datemetrix Network Operations Centre and fed to North America via 6 tier-1 fiber optic Internet Backbone connections.

Flooormax controls product orders, backorders, inventory, short ships, drop ships, cost sheets, workorders, installations, and even provides a work in progress snapshot of your Flooring Business.

Coming Q1 of 2009 is Floormax V.4, to which we are adding a new EDI protocol to talk to the major vendors, as well as office management tools such as time sheets, memos and on-line documents.

Coming Q3 of 2009, after an exhaustive and relentless vetting process, are inventory barcode handheld scanners connected to Floormax via 802.11g. Upgrade units will feature built-in label printers: receive, print, scan, and warehouse. Within seconds, your sales force has the product available for orders, workorders and installations.

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Mr. Hopkinson is also the author of a course customized for the Canadian Market and based on the Canadian Treasury Board Secretariat Common Look and Feel Web Accessibility Standards. Version 1.0 was more about Official Languages and Browser Interoperability, released during the "old-school" days of the Browser Wars. CLF2.0 is the Canadian Government Web Accessibility Standard as maintained by the Treasury Board Secretariat.