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By: Dalian  09-12-2011
Keywords: Security, Regulatory Compliance, Canadian Government


While business requires that assets and resources are accessible, available and resilient, these requirements must be balanced against the need to mitigate risks to the organization from a wide range of potential and real threats from both external and internal sources.

It is reasonable to conclude from published evidence that the primary motive for the majority of attacks is financial with defamation some way behind. In effect, this makes everyone a likely target, citizens and corporations, since we all have bank accounts, investments and/or removable assets. Just as in house burglary, the opportunistic attacker is the most prolific and there are a host of ready-made tools available on the Internet to use with relative ease. Script Kiddies, those that download and run hacking software with little or no understanding of the technologies, use many of these tools to exploit known weaknesses in networks, operating systems and applications and, with Internet access available almost everywhere, the attack vectors have multiplied considerably in a few short years. The graphic shows that exploitation of known and easily remedied issues still top the charts as they have for the last several years.

Dalian Enterprises Inc. (DALIAN) has been established for 9 years in the IT Security sector and is certified to deliver to both Canadian Government and commercial standards ensuring integrity, confidentiality and availability. DALIAN’s IT Security Portfolio offers a wide range of trusted products and services that support the creation and maintenance of a secure and risk resilient infrastructure, enabling the organization to focus on its core business.

Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management are key requirements for all business but can be complex and expensive to implement. DALIAN offers tools and services that simplify the definition, implementation, maintenance and enforcement of Security Policies and Risk Management enabling business to identify and mitigate compliance risks quickly and accurately. Once properly implemented, continued compliance becomes a business process which can be reported upon by business and administrative personnel.

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Security Zone policing devices that include stateful packet inspection and/or application layer inspection.

Unified Threat Management Multi-function devices that include Firewall, Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Spam Filter (Reputation and Content), Mail Content Filter, Web Content Filter, Reputation based Web URL Filter, Virtual private Networks (VPN) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS).
IDS/IPS Intrusion Detection/Intrusion Prevention Systems that operate at either the network or host level to mitigate the damage that cyber-attacks can cause.
Virtual Private Network (VPN) VPNs are used to link together users and networks over an encrypted link to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of information. A variety of standards are available including 3DES, AES and SSL.
Content Security (Mail/Web) Commonly operating as SMTP/FTP/HTTP/HTTPS Proxies that intercept the traffic flow between local networks and the Internet. Traffic is then inspected for potential threats to the local network such as Malware, Phishing and Unwanted Web Content by category. These devices can include Data Leak Prevention (DLP) capabilities.
Threat and Vulnerability Assessment These tools are also known as Penetration Testers and they can be situated inside the network as well as outside. They are used to simulate cyber-attacks and to assess the vulnerability of target devices (hosts, switches, routers, etc). Many can then recommend remedial action.
Security Policy Definition and Enforcement Once a Security Policy is defined, it is of little value unless it is policed and enforced. These tools provide policy authoring, distribution, maintenance, policing and enforcement across the enterprise. Some are point solutions while others are modular and centrally managed services.  
Identity Management 
and Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA)
Identification of users and devices on a network is the key to enforcing Security Policy of any kind. Such services include Active Directory, RADIUS, TACACS, LDAP Directories and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).  
Business Continuity and Availability Backup, redundancy and resiliency are the watchwords of this category. Power Supply, Environmental and Fire Protection are included.  

Keywords: Canadian Government, Regulatory Compliance, Security

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Time to market and getting it Right First Time are key business imperatives in all of these areas and DALIAN’s fully trained personnel stand ready to provide such support as is necessary to achieve these aims on behalf of DALIAN clients. Integration with an existing service or change to an established service can each bring their own challenges. Radware - Server IAS Certified, Network IAS Certified, Certified IAS Engineer.


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DALIAN is acutely aware of the need for business to remain agile and responsive to changing needs while ensuring that it can continue to operate safely and efficiently in a world where the threat profile is changing at an equally rapid pace.


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By combining comprehensive infrastructure, security, and management expertise with best practices and proven processes, DALIAN is able to deliver consistent and exemplary results that seek to improve business operations and create a foundation for continuous improvement. With each consulting engagement, DALIAN takes a business-centric approach, working closely with executive and functional staff to align technology with corporate objectives.


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In today’s rapidly changing IT world, education remains the foundation for self-sufficiency and business agility. Timely training can mean the difference between prolonged deployment of projects and rapid time to market. Configuration mistakes can also be minimized through early education and certification.


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Whether they are at the core, aggregation layer or at the network edge, virtual networking products offer the flexibility, scalability and security normally only associated with high end switches. Virtual switching chassis can be populated with as few as 24 ports to begin with and can grow as large as is required to satisfy business requirements.


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Beyond the procurement itself, DALIAN can also provide services that enhance the product enabling Return on Investment to be realized earlier and time to market to be reduced. Whether your deployment is strategic or tactical, DALIAN offers services that enable short term implementation and long term stability. Our service offering which is client focused, is designed to provide significant value-add that complements our product line.