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By: Dalian  09-12-2011

Today’s networks are becoming more compact at the Local Area Network (LAN) layer with the deployment of many types of Switch Fabric infrastructure. These Virtual Switch technologies offer many business benefits including reduced cost of ownership, scalability and rapid adaptability to change. Many are Virtual Machine (VM) aware and fit smoothly into the established market for VM technologies such as VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V. This is why they are being heavily utilized in virtual environments such as private clouds, data centres and proof of concept platforms.

The diagram below shows how a single Virtual Switching environment can consolidate many traditional networking topologies while simplifying management, security and change.

Whether they are at the core, aggregation layer or at the network edge, virtual networking products offer the flexibility, scalability and security normally only associated with high end switches. Virtual switching chassis can be populated with as few as 24 ports to begin with and can grow as large as is required to satisfy business requirements. Virtual switching extends beyond the single switch to encompass many chassis enabling Network Administrators to quickly adapt to changing business needs without having to procure additional wiring, closets or patch panels.

DALIAN’s Data Centre and Virtualization Portfolio offers products and services that are suitable for all sizes of installation and requirement.

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Time to market and getting it Right First Time are key business imperatives in all of these areas and DALIAN’s fully trained personnel stand ready to provide such support as is necessary to achieve these aims on behalf of DALIAN clients. Integration with an existing service or change to an established service can each bring their own challenges. Radware - Server IAS Certified, Network IAS Certified, Certified IAS Engineer.


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DALIAN is acutely aware of the need for business to remain agile and responsive to changing needs while ensuring that it can continue to operate safely and efficiently in a world where the threat profile is changing at an equally rapid pace.


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By combining comprehensive infrastructure, security, and management expertise with best practices and proven processes, DALIAN is able to deliver consistent and exemplary results that seek to improve business operations and create a foundation for continuous improvement. With each consulting engagement, DALIAN takes a business-centric approach, working closely with executive and functional staff to align technology with corporate objectives.


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In today’s rapidly changing IT world, education remains the foundation for self-sufficiency and business agility. Timely training can mean the difference between prolonged deployment of projects and rapid time to market. Configuration mistakes can also be minimized through early education and certification.


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The network, including local and wide area implementations, is at the heart of Information Technology and it is imperative that it is available, resilient, scalable and operating at the highest possible performance rates within any necessary cost constraint.


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Beyond the procurement itself, DALIAN can also provide services that enhance the product enabling Return on Investment to be realized earlier and time to market to be reduced. Whether your deployment is strategic or tactical, DALIAN offers services that enable short term implementation and long term stability. Our service offering which is client focused, is designed to provide significant value-add that complements our product line.


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While business requires that assets and resources are accessible, available and resilient, these requirements must be balanced against the need to mitigate risks to the organization from a wide range of potential and real threats from both external and internal sources.