DAI GROUP - Our Services

By: Dai Group  09-12-2011

Negotiate and Facilitate

DAI Group works with senior managers of client companies to assist in negotiations, taking into account the capacity of potential partners, and the legal, regulatory, socio-economic and cultural environment of a selected market, to develop negotiating strategies and structure a deal.

We help to identify a geographic location for the new venture and assist in the management of the local supply chain. We refer our clients to reputable service providers such as lawyers, bankers, investors and accounting firms and advise on business-to-government relationships, both internationally and at home.

When outsourcing is sought, we help to select a set of potential suppliers, provide technical evaluations of the suppliers, and arrange on-site visits, including translation services as needed.

Effectively Implement and Operate

DAI Group provides operational advice at every stage of global market development, including market entry, outsourcing, financing, establishing partnerships, creating an incorporation plan, and launching and managing the venture. Throughout the duration of these stages of development, we assist you with troubleshooting and independent oversight, including access to instant office services and the establishment of a representative office, as needed.

Track the Progress of Your Venture

DAI Group provides ongoing progress assessments of the international venture, working with senior managers to advise on solutions to any problems ans assure the ongoing viability of our clients' foreign ventures. This includes periodic visits on-site and, based on our experience and any specific situational requirements, the ability to act as an intermediary with local partners.


DAI Group provides a full documentation service for its clients. This includes: