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By: Custom Masonry  09-12-2011
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Custom Masonry provides:

The only way to stop the water from penetrating your homes basement to do this we must excavate down to the footings install membranes, inspect weeping tiles, fix if needed. Back fill with 14`` of clear stone and native soils. Also repair wall if needed 

We do large foundation repairs and smaller repairs

Older masonry structures – pointed in relatively weak lime-rich mortars – act sacrificially to preferentially absorb stresses and, through re-deposition in our slightly acidic rainfall, to heal stress – induced fissures. 

Masonry cleaning
Cleaning methods generally are divided into three major groups: water, chemical, and abrasive. Water methods soften the dirt or soiling material and rinse the deposits from the masonry surface. Chemical cleaners react with dirt, soiling material or paint to effect their removal, after which the cleaning effluent is rinsed off the masonry surface with water. Abrasive methods include blasting with grit, and the use of grinders and sanding discs, all of which mechanically remove the dirt, soiling material or paint (and, usually, some of the masonry surface). Call us to get a quote for the best solution.

At Custom Masonry we do small stucco repairs to residential homes and business.
Problem – cracking of stucco
Challenges – color matching
Solution – sample old stucco and match mix accordingly

Polyurethane injection
We provide epoxy and polyurethane crack injection service
Problem: foundation cracked
Challenge: foundation movement
Solution: injection of polyurethane that allows for expansion. At the same time its waterproof

Keywords: Foundation Repairs, masonry