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By: Coral Cea  09-12-2011

The product we have created is called Global Interpreters Now or GIN for short. GIN is a platform that facilitates remote global interpretation services. Interpreters are needed for many conferences, meetings and other gatherings especially when the communications have a global scope. Global Interpreters Now allows there to be a range of interpreter service providers that speak all world languages. This allows the event participants to understand the different languages spoken as they are interpreted in their own language of choice.

Traditionally interpretation services are provided by an interpreter that has to travel to the location, sit in a special booth on location and then perform the job. GIN, by allowing interpreters to deliver these services remotely, eliminates travel, space and booth rental costs providing a 50% cost reduction to the customer. The same qualified interpreters perform their job but they no longer have to leave their homes or offices if that is their wish. This allows companies to save 50% in interpretation costs compared to the traditional on-site interpretation method.

GIN also allows new interpreted global market services provided on demand, anywhere, in any language, on any communication device at an unprecedented value.

GIN includes 6 modules to facilitate easy consumption of interpretation services. They include a social network for people to interact and communicate, a marketplace to post and bid on jobs, a secure payment option allowing customers and interpreters to pay for interpretation services, a place for interpreters to showcase their credentials and work qualifications, a forum for both a customer and interpreter to search for and find the right person, and a global scheduling and reminder service. In addition there is a high quality global voice delivery platform integrated to provide GIN services through the internet (VoIP), regular phones, tariff optimized cell and smart phones, streaming, and popular services like Skype and GoogleTalk.

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