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By: Cookson Electronics  09-12-2011
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Cookson Electronics offers a full line of all-around ALPHA® solder pastes that covers the complete range of applications, including
no-clean, halogen-free, water soluble and lead-free solder pastes technologies.

Alloy Type

Performance Indicators Product Name


Water Soluble

Pb Free Alloys Sn/Pb Alloys Powder Size

Metal Loading

(% by weight)

Viscosity Designation

(Malcom ® 10 RPM)

Flux J-STD 004


Dispense Version:

Metal Loading & Viscosity

Halogen Content

SACX® Plus™ 0307

SACX® Plus™ 0807


SAC 305

SAC 387

SAC 405





Type 3

Type 4

Type 5


Universal, Highest
Print Speed
                    88.5%   M13   ROL0 83.3%
Universal, Pin Testable, Enclosed Print Heads                     88.5% M15 ROL0 NA ND
Ultra Fine Feature Print Capability                   4.5   88.3% M11 ROL0 84%
Increased Spread Wetting               89.0% M18 ROL0 NA ND
High Soak Profile, Paste in Through Hole               89.0% M16 ROL0 TBD <500>
High Value Pin Testable SACX Alloy                         85% M15 ROM0 83.3%
Low Voiding, Fine Feature Printing, Excellent Pin Test Performance                       88.8% M17 ROLO NA ND
Excellent paste in through hole performance, low melting point alloy                         90% M21 ROL0 85.3%
Universal Water Soluble                     87.6% M19 ORH0 85%


Universal, Wide Process Window                     90.0% M13 ROL0 85%
Universal Dispense Paste                      85.0% M04 ROL1 85%
Stencil Life, Joint Cosmetics, Cleanability                       90.0% M18 ORH0 NA <500

* ND = Non-Detectable
* NA = Not applicable for water-soluble cleaning



ALPHA OM-5100 Solder Paste
  • Broad latitude, no-clean solder paste; appropriate for most tin-lead SMT applications
  • Soldering with Higher reflow yields with excellent print deposit consistency
  • Reduced random and mid-chip solder balls and other soldering problems
ALPHA OM-338 T (ZHP) Solder Paste
  • Broad latitude, no-clean solder paste; appropriate for most lead-free soldering SMT applications
  • Wide reflow process window and outstanding voiding resistance
  • Ultra-fine pitch printing capability at up to 200mm/sec. (8 in./sec) print speed
ALPHA OM-338 PT (ZHP) Solder Paste
  • Excellent in-curcuit pin testability
  • Superior soldering performance in closed-head printers
  • Wide print process window up to 150mm/sec. (6 in./sec.)
ALPHA OM-338 CSP (ZHP) Solder Paste
  • Broad latitude lead-free, no-clean solder paste
  • 0.4mm pitch BGA enabling soldering technology
  • Excellent print capability across various board designs
ALPHA OM-340 (ZHP) Solder Paste
  • Broad latitude lead-free, no-clean solder paste
  • Excellent in-circuit pin testability
  • Better soldering spread and wetting
ALPHA OM-350 (Halogen-Free) Solder Paste
  • Reduced defects soldering (voiding, mid-chip solder balls, BGA pillows)
  • Excellent pin-in-through-hole performance
  • Best-in-class electrical reliability
  • Excellent print volume repeatability up to100mm/sec.print speed

ZHP: ZERO Halogen Product

OM-338PT No-Clean
Soldering Paste
OM-338PT 16 mil (0.40mm) pitch
OM-338 T No-Clean
Soldering Paste
Soldering Photomicrograph of fine-feature solder paste deposits produced at 200mm/sec print speed.
WS-809 Water-Soluble
Soldering Paste
WS-809 Water-Soluble 16 mil (0.40mm), 75% RH 36+ hours soldering


* ND = Non-Detectable

ALPHA WS-809 Solder

  • Broad-latitude, water-soluble tin-lead solder paste; appropriate for most SMT soldering applications
  • Excellent balance of stencil life and cleanability
  • Provides excellent voiding resistance
  • Delivers excellent throughput and high first pass yield
ALPHA WS-819 Solder
  • Long stencil life under varying ambient conditions
  • Excellent resistance to BGA voids
  • Ease of cleaning with aqueous wash systems

To fully support SMT solder printing requirements, Cookson Electronics also offers a complete line of ALPHA® Soldering Paste Stencils and Solder Cleaners.

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Keywords: Solder Paste, Solder Pastes

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