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By: Cmi In  09-12-2011

Access Rights Reporting & Monitoring

NetVision products work together to provide comprehensive coverage of Access Rights reporting & monitoring

NetVision provides reports and real-time monitoring on user accounts, security groups, access rights, administrative changes, and user activity. NetVision solutions are easy to use and NetVision's SIMON managed service option is the industry's first 100% hands-off ownership experience. The net result is relevant answers and reduced cost.

Reporting & Monitoring

NetVision's core capabilities include audit reporting and real-time monitoring of access rights. Data is collected directly from the source for immutable, non-repudiable, and complete information sets. Events are filtered and analyzed in real time to ensure extremely high relevance in reports and alerts.

Access Rights

NetVision's focus has remained consistent since its founding in 1995. User accounts and access rights are critical for effective security audit, regulatory compliance, and risk mitigation. NetVision's strong focus on access rights reporting has enabled it's R&D team to expand far beyond the competition, who often focus on breadth of coverage rather than depth. NetVision remains focused on building the industry's best solution for answering critical access rights questions.

Core Network Directories & File Systems

The core network directory is the heart of your organization's information security. Whether it's Microsoft Active Directory or Novell eDirectory, your employees authenticate to the directory for basic access to the network. These systems are the launch pad into the network, granting basic access rights, file and print services, and often access to specific applications such as VPNs, web portals, and business applications.

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