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By: Claimcontrol  09-12-2011
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ClaimControl is the leading source for product information, research and replacement quotes. This comprehensive database can now be made available immediately on line to any insurance adjuster who is handling a consumer electronics or car audio claim. Now there is no need for a multiplicity of inquiries and evaluation of competing proposals in order to determine the most appropriate course of action.

Database Access..
ClaimControl has developed the most complete, accurate and easy-to-use consumer electronics product reference resource available. It is unlike any other product on the market. Our database is not just another internet search engine or data miner. ClaimControl has created an online, stand-alone application making integration into your existing environment simple and risk free with no additional software to load. All you need is access to the internet.
The reference resource contains over 90,000 past and current product specifications and original product brochures from over a thousand different manufacturers in Canada and the United States, dating back as far as 1986.

With ClaimControl you have access to the most accurate replacement quotes consisting of suggested retail pricing and market specific insurance replacement pricing. This information is available with the push of one button, direct to your computer screen. Under normal circumstances, requests for estimates are returned in less than 24 hours.
Additionally, adjusters can now readily identify red flags related to insurer supplied information and alternative replacement quotations. Model information or replacement proposal disputes can also be resolved quickly and equitably.

ClaimControl provide Canada-wide product replacement. In fact, our replacement estimates can be provided directly through ClaimControl or from any number of alternative sources. These sources can include: any of your preferred vendors, your insured�s favourite supplier, and the lowest priced option from a local manufacturers authorized vendor. Our goal is to ensure your adjusters have the most accurate information to ensure the prompt resolution of claims.
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Keywords: Adjusters, Consumer Electronics