By: Chippewa  09-12-2011
Keywords: Technology Solutions, Client Support, Core Strengths

Contracting Services

ACT inc’s Contracting Services will help companies deal with government contracting and reporting. ACT inc will prepare submissions, manage contracting and mandatory reporting so that our partners can focus on their core strengths – delivering technology solutions to government!

Technology Services

We'd like to help you design, configure, implement and support your new solution. That's why we have the most talented and capable team ready to assist in any or all of these phases.

Our people have years of experience in delivering client support on the authorized solutions that we provide. Whether that is to help plan and layout a Statement of Work to help you define the requirements, rollout and implement the deliverables selected, or supporting the installation 24/7 - 365, our team has proven that each step is only part of the solution. And we're there to assist through each step!

Keywords: Client Support, Core Strengths, Technology Solutions