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By: Certainkey  09-12-2011
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Some companies ignore IT security.

Some companies make major strides towards security, then get complacent, comforted by a false sense of security.

And some companies stay abreast of new network threats with CertainKey 's automated security audits.

Certain Key maintains its CertainAudit scanning engine much like antivirus software vendors maintain their virus engines - by watching what is happening in the real world and monitoring attacks at key sites, and updating the detection engine accordingly.

The CertainAudit engine then periodically "attacks" your network, much like an ethical hacker might. The difference here is repetition and knowledge. The CertainKey auditing can be performed at the frequency you specify - daily, weekly, or monthly. The engine is carefully maintained and updated continually to help detect areas of concern; it learns faster than your average hacker. With nearly 15,000 vulnerbilities to check for, CertainAudit is your security watch dog.

At the end of each audit, a is e-mailed to you, showing what was tested and how your network withstood the attacks. You get a simple list marked in green (OK), orange (weakness), and red (vulnerability), helping you prioritize changes. Furthermore, CertainKey 's security gurus are only a phone call away to help explain the results and recommend actions.


Get yours today!

Achieve low-cost peace of mind through tight network security. And never be afraid of an audit again.

Affordable monthly maintenance of Linux servers is also available.

*CertainKey is not responsible for false positives or false negatives in our reports, they are provided as a guide and aid to help you secure your own site. CertainKey is also not responsible for any damages or liabilities that may occur to the server we test during or after our scans.

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Keywords: Mailing List, Security

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