Cedarview Animal Hospital, Barrhaven, Ottawa - treadmill

By: Cedarview Animal Hospital  09-12-2011

Cedarview Animal Hospital is home to the Ottawa area’s first underwater dog treadmill; a low-impact therapy that allows dogs to begin the rehabilitation process earlier than normal.

Dog therapy enhances performance of athletic working dogs, decreases pain, speeds post-surgical recovery and improves mobility for older dogs.

Using the natural properties of water (buoyancy, resistance and heat), the treadmill workout helps the animal increase muscle strength and endurance, and allows for a quicker transition to land-based therapy.


  • water buoyancy reduces gravity, diminishing concussive forces
  • water height is regulated to accommodate different-sized animals and adjust for weight bearing
  • allows early intervention and quicker recovery times
  • water provides resistance throughout the range of motion, providing gentle, hydrokinetic exercise
  • warm water assists in pain reduction

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