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By: Canara Energy Solutions  09-12-2011
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Below are some of the many solutions and services we can provide:

•  Custom systems : We can customize a system based on your power needs for specific periods

•  Solar power systems : All of our systems can be grid-tied or standalone

•  Small scale systems : for individual home that need less than 125Wh of power (2 power savers + 1 fan) during daytime and 2-8hrs of backup battery for operation during night time

•  Medium scale systems : for larger homes or small businesses that have higher demand but less than 1kWh and can also be used for agricultural and commercial purposes.

•  Large scale systems : These systems are for industrial, commercial or multi-house

•  Solar street Lights : Self powered standalone street poles that can operate upto 8 hrs and can even charge during cloudy conditions to provide light in dark condition

•  Solar water heater : Water heating systems that can provide warm water

•  Maintenance service : Although all our products contain original manufacturer's warranty of 5 years, we can provide additional ongoing service and support as an add-on service.

•  Operational service : We can provide on-going power management and supply services to grid-tied systems

Solar for Irrigation
For countries like Pakistan, where electricity to remote areas are not reliably delivered, solar systems can provide the solutions for irrigating the lands that provide the life blood to the agricultural industry.  In addition the current water pump (tubewell) systems in Pakistan work on AC power tied to gried and run on fuel. These systems are not only inefficient but also erratic and are highly dependent fuel costs. We at CanaRA can provide solar based water pump systems for irrigation purposes which are efficient dc motor pumps, don’t require any fuel and don’t produce harmful fumes.
Some Common uses of solar power for agricultural applications include:

  • Solar water pumping for livestock
  • Solar water pumping for irrigation
  • Solar pond aeration systems
  • Other remote power needs

Here is an example of a large scale solar irrigation system:

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