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By:  20-12-2012
Keywords: Phone Card, Long Distance is telecommunication company for calling cards. With our calling card you can make international phone call at low rates. Buy online and you will receive pin immediately. With our services you can make long distance call to all over the World. You can make phone calls from your home phone or cell phone. Just find your local access number or use our toll free number. We have 3 kind of phone cards. GalBo is the cheapest rates with 3 minutes rounding and weekly maintenance fee of 0.50 CAD. 3C is good rates with 2 minutes rounding and daily maintenance fee of 0.03 CAD. MC is only 1 minutes rounding and no fees. We have cards for 5 $, 10$, 20$ and 50 $. For a short term use the calling cards with the lowest rates are recommended (usually they have weekly maintenance fee). For a long term use we suggest the cards with no or low maintenance fee. If you are a first time buyer ask Customer Service for assistance for choosing best calling cards. We offer PAYPAL payment, you can use credit or debit card for online payment for buying calling cards from Canada . We offer secure online payments, all of our purchasing pages reside on a secure server of PAYPAL. Pinless functionality is only available for valid Caller ID, we have 24 hour support via email. Buy online and make long distance calls. Best rates for Canadian calling card calls with good quality. Cheapest way to make phone calls. Buy online cheap prepaid Canada calling cards for international phone calls at low rates from Canada for long distance calls. Calls from Canada, phone calling from Canada to Iran , cheap telephone calls from Canada and low rates for international. You can make calls from Canada to England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Germany, France, Pakistan, India, China, Bulgaria, Iran, Iraq, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Japan, Australia, USA, UK, Cuba, Mexico, Austria, Vietnam, Nigeria, Israel, Egypt, Poland, Brazil, Jamaica, Romania, South Africa and all country. We have cheap pre-paid long distance India call cards and all country.

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