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By: Cable Canada Services  09-12-2011
Keywords: Fiber, Harnesses


Our mission is to strive and excel in all of our product lines and our technical expertise in order to provide the best solutions to our clients. We provide to the network managers and administrators the expertise they rely on for all of their needs and requirements for their networks. We will meet all standards. We have qualified technicians to carry the tasks at hand. We can analyze and or design the required voice and data infrastructure for your work place.

We offer on-site installation services using IBDN industry standard with Cat-5e, Cat-6 and fiber products . Our certified technicians adhere to the IEEE, EIA/TIA standards for either 968A or 968B configurations.


We manufacture custom harnesses for both voice and data usage. Harnesses vary from the 6 port, 12 port, 24 port and 48 port and are terminated to client's specification. Terminations may be RJ-45, Belden Bix components, Patch panels, 25 pairs assemblies, etc. They are wrapped in a mesh tubing component, shrink wrapped at both ends and also numbered at both ends thus rendering an easy and flexible installation. They are pre-tested and guarantied for as long as the installation remains. They are cost savings, reduce on-site labor and make it very easy for the LAN manager. Fiber harnesses incorporate all standard connectors, SC, FC, ST, LC, MTRJ and come for both multi mode and single mode. Fiber patch panels or distribution centers allows the LAN manager all the required flexibility.


Due to our extensive experience in the voice and data installation of many office buildings and our knowledge of the IBDN standards, we can provide the project management aspect as an independent organization.


At the end of a project, we will provide the "as built" drawings with all of the information needed for the LAN manager. We use the Sketchup program totally compatible to CAD and easier to manage.


We provide senior certified voice and data technicians either for a specific project or for a specified length of time as requested by the client. Our technicians are Cat-5e, Cat-6 and fiber Belden certified.


Our technicians are qualified to program and install the Nortel Networks, Cisco and NEC VOIP phone sets.  

Keywords: Fiber, Harnesses