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By: Brymark  09-12-2011

At Brymark, we pride ourselves in going that extra mile for our clients! Although we excel at sourcing merchandise that ensures our clients achieve their marketing objectives, we also offer a range of services with a view to easing their workload. Call or us today - we'll show you how we can work together to make your next marketing program a screaming success!


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Successful marketing campaigns start with a sound strategy and a clear objective. Our experience has shown that promotional marketing is too often an afterthought for most marketing professionals. Why? Because there just aren't enough hours in a day for it to be anything but. At Brymark, we truly understand this, and we work with our clients to develop longer-term strategies that support their corporate plans. In fact, what we really strive to do is take that responsibility and make it ours - our goal is to become our client's promotional marketing partner - in a nutshell, an extension of your company.

Inspiring motivation is crucial to the success of any organization. And while we're sure yours isn't one of those whose idea of keeping everyone's spirits up is limited to refilling liquor glasses at the Christmas party, we know how hard it can be to maintain a sense of energy all year.

Brymark's ability to assist you implement employee recognition programs will allow that spirit to be fostered throughout your staff. Johnson and Smith will thank you. So will Henderson if he ever glances up from that computer monitor.

These Days Everyone Needs Relationship Counselling

Better strategic partnerships mean enhanced business success. Building these relationships is accomplished with Brymark through the provision of tools that communicate this value to them. And, like all of our work, the tools are customizable, unforgettable, and attentive to your specific requirements and targets.

Amazingly rewarding relationships built without the psycho-babble.


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From an already close working relationship involving the launch of several worldwide products, the outcome of this project was a successful completion of production, fulfillment, and delivery requirements of a solution that followed Corel's strict branding guidelines and made a measurable impact on their target markets.