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By: Breconridge  09-12-2011


Our Mechanical Systems & Services Division offers a complete range of design engineering, prototyping, volume manufacturing, assembly and test services for complex electro-mechanical systems across multiple vertical markets.

Key segments include communications, enterprise computing and storage, multimedia, industrial and semiconductor, defense and aerospace, medical and clean technology. We support large form factors, diverse materials (sheet metal, plastics, die casting), precision machining of a range of alloys, complex mechatronic assemblies, clean room fabrication—services and capabilities not generally found in most EMS companies.

We’re also focused on providing customers with a cost-effective solution for the design and manufacture of electro-mechanical systems with a global footprint spread across locations in China, India, Mexico, Hungary, Finland and the United States.

We take a customer’s vision and accomplish their design and manufacturing goals by:

  • Offering all services and capabilities in all markets around the world
  • Satisfying customers with operational excellence and business results
  • Streamlining operations and more efficiently allocating resources to be more cost competitive

Our mechanical systems and services solutions drive down costs, decrease time-to-market and improve competitiveness. Partnering with Sanmina-SCI brings the benefits of sourcing both component production and assembly services with a single manufacturing partner.

Other products and services from Breconridge


Accelerating Solutions. Getting your product to market, faster

Sanmina-SCI provides state of the art, end-to-end product design, test and customized manufacturing solutions for complex Optical, RF/Microwave, Lasers and Sensors products worldwide. We’re specialists in creating custom high performance, manufacturable, cost-optimized products. We can also complement our customer’s design team with our unique skills and services.


Breconridge - Services

Put simply, they are our way of performing a highly detailed analysis of our customers’ products — enhancing the value of key design elements, improving the overall product value, renewing product features and decreasing the cost. These improvements are what allow us to raise our customers’ end products beyond the norm — building world-class products with our custom manufacturing services.


Sanmina-SCI: A competitive global presence

When it comes to Optical and RF/Microwave, Sanmina-SCI is the only Tier-1 vendor who can offer its customers a North America volume manufacturing capability as well as access to lower-cost geographies around the world — with operations in 18 countries across four continents. Which means we’re able to offer our customers something few companies can: a significant competitive advantage.


At the forefront of optical manufacturing and design

Our engineers, designers and test-engineers are able to provide a full spectrum of services that leverage our unique optical design experience — as well as our extensive custom manufacturing expertise. Sanmina-SCI offers a full array of optical, laser and sensor custom manufacturing and collaborative design services — in multiple locations around the world.


Where RF, Microwave and Microelectronic manufacturing is an art

Because of the unique skill-sets of our engineers, designers and test-engineers, we’re able to provide a full spectrum of services that leverage our RF Microwave and Microelectronic design experience — as well as our extensive custom manufacturing expertise — especially in products which exploit the L to K bands. Sanmina-SCI offers state-of-the-art microelectronic design and custom manufacturing services for a myriad RF/Microwave applications.


Printed Circuit Boards / Backplanes / Cable Assemblies

We continue to be one of the world’s leading producers of high-quality, high-performance and reliable key technology components for multi-layered printed circuit boards , backplane assemblies and cable assemblies. PCBs With millions of square feet of manufacturing capacity, we provide flexible manufacturing options that adapt to cost targets, delivery requirements and fluctuating demands in volume.