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By: Boyd Commercial Warehousing  09-12-2011

Pick & Pack

One of our most valuable services that we offer at Boyd Commercial would be the Pick and Pack option. Many of our customers ship us items that need to be broken down for individual shipments to their clients.

When we received skids of product for pick and pack services, we breakdown the count and prepare the product in cartons for individual shipments. This makes it easier for the customer to place orders for the different items and for different customers.

When multiple shipments come in with the same product we try to make sure they all get received in the same area. This allows for easier access to pick and pack for preparation to send the order out. Preparation of the order includes proper shipment packaging, documents and notifying the courier/driver that there is an order ready for shipment. We usually have the order out within a 24 hour period.


Kitting is a very exact and precise count of specific items that need was requested by our customer to be prepared in kit packaging for safe keeping and shipment. Kit packaging includes cartons and shrink wrap. When we are receiving items for a kitting order we will prepared your items in our warehouse for maximum efficiency in order to pick the kit.


Another valuable service we have here at Boyd Commercial is Cross-Docking. It is an ideal service when a company does not have access to a loading dock that can handle a 53’ transport trailer they can rely on our many loading docks.

Once the inventory is off loaded it is placed into the staging area and the customer is called as a notification that they product has arrived and is ready to be picked up.

This service is also useful to many custom order companies who do not carry overhead inventory because their products are custom made. They ship their products to us and once it arrives at our warehouse they can deliver it to their client.

By cross-docking the items it saves you storage fees and labour. Cross docking eases the process between manufacturer and supplier.

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