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By: Biokinetics and Assoc  09-12-2011

V50 and Back Face Signature (BFS) tests have traditionally been done against clay backing blocks. Both tests leave extensive divots in the clay which are time consuming to repair. Furthermore the V50 test's multiple perforations cause extensive lead and fibrous contamination of the clay.

The new V50 mannequin is a sacrificial body form developed specifically for perforation testing and provides similar results to clay. The units are economical and suitable for multiple perforations before disposal.

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Blunt Trauma Testing - Biokinetics

The drop carriage supports the locking ballarm and headform and is automatically raised to the user-defined height where upon command the helmet is released in guided free-fall onto one of many steel anvils. Biokinetics' helmet impact tower is used to evaluate the impact performance of helmets across a range of test conditions specified in standards such as the ASTM, CPSC, DoT, ECE and Snell.


Stab Testing - Biokinetics

The Stab Tester is a self-supporting structure that permits the testing of soft and hard body armour to be evaluated to the stab standards of the National Institute of Justice and the Home Office Scientific Development Branch. The custom designed software will indicate the necessary drop height and will calculate the impact energy upon completion of the test.


Our Products - Biokinetics

A variety of threats can be simulated in terms of mass, shape and energy to reproduce real world hazards or adhere to those described in recognized product performance standards. Biokinetics offers a wide range of specialized testing equipment for evaluating the performance of protective products from helmets to body armor and even mouth guards.


Blast Effects - Biokinetics

The Six Accelerometer Package measures the linear and rotational accelerations of a mannequin headform in all six degrees of freedom for kinematics analysis or for use with head injury assessment functions. The SAP is designed for blunt impact, behind armour ballistic strike and blast loading environments.