By: Bbon Thai  09-12-2011

O rder lines: 613 321 40 55/ 613 321 40 56

You can visit  Bon Thai  for take out or dine in, or if you don't have time to come,  

Call us for a delivery or take out.

Business Hours :

Monday  -  Friday    :    11am-2pm/4pm - 10pm

Saturday-Sunday    :    4pm-10pm

Rush hour average delivery time can be between 30 minutes to 1 hour some traffic and  weather conditions (freezing rain, heavy snow etc.) may extend delivery duration. Please take these conditions into account. Deliveries are guaranteed but delivery time is not, it's just an estimation based on the volume of calls, weather etc.

Delivery areas:  we do delivery in areas by postal codes such as K1K, K1L, K1M, K1N, K1S, K1P, K2P, some of K1G, some of K1J.

Delivery charge is based on distance and gas prices, deli fee is 1.99 CAD up to 3.5 km, longer distance applies 3.5 CAD.

Payment Options: Wireless  Payment Service Available at your door,


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